Job Profile-Cayucos Homeowner on Studio Drive Has Regained Confidence With Desert Crete On His Deck


is how the owner described his feelings towards a 3 year old failing urethane deck system installed by Ron Murell Waterproofing.

The coating was a thin 3 step urethane system;  when we inspected it it was stretched at the seams and threatening to split, the owner had too much valuable interior real estate below to trust that this system was going to protect his roof deck over the long term.

“What do you have that will give me confidence?” asked the owner.

“Desert Crete.” is the only answer I could give. Desert Crete doesn’t break down from UV exposure like urethanes and polyurea does. It’s concrete based so chair tips can’t cut through, resists plants and grill damage better than urethane could ever hope too and has a MUCH lower cost of ownership than competing systems do.

Consider the required maintenance of urethanes and polyurea; they MUST be resealed every 2-3 years to protect the waterproofing from UV degradation. Add that cost to your budget and see how fast it adds up.

Desert Crete needs to be resealed only to maintain it’s aesthetic appearance, every 3-5 years. It won’t fail just because you didn’t paint it…

Our latest Desert Crete install has created a superior level of confidence for our client. He knows that Desert Crete is the answer to long term protection of the  living space below his deck. He feels confident that he can put tables and chairs out, entertain guests and walk all over his deck with out fear of failure.

If your motivation is confidence in the product your buying to protect your real estate investment, then you’ll put Desert Crete on your short list.  Let us show you why Desert Crete can’t be beat.

Call me, Bill Leys, owner at 805-545-8300 for a free estimate and personal consultation and comparison of the coating choices available to you. We sell education, not cheap coatings.

If all you want is a cheap price, our competitors can help you. If you want confidence in your deck system, call us.

Job Profile-Failed Tufflex on A Santa Barbara Area Home Replaced By Desert Crete Faux Tile Finish

Our latest job in Santa Barbara is another sad tale of woe and heartbreak…

Several years ago the owners of the Cape Cod styled home remodeled and included a deck off their master bedroom. A friend waterproofed the deck with Tufflex and put a tile finish on. Within a year cracks were appearing and the deck had to be fixed. Flash forward another 2 years and the deck was in a state of failure-cracked, leaking, a big problem.

Forensic specialists investigated and discovered the Tufflex hadn’t been installed properly, the flashing was improper…a long laundry list of wrongs brought about total catastrophic failure.

The owners did some online searches and found Central Coast Waterproofing. We impressed them with our professionalism and knowledge of deck waterproofing. We made an agreement and got to work after the deck was rebuilt.

We installed all new flashings, door pan and Desert Crete decking to 400 square feet of decking. Then to finish the deck we provided a custom finished faux tile finish.

We used filament tape to tape out a tile pattern, then we used Life Deck by Life paint water based stain in a custom blend to stain the white texture cement. To protect the stain we used Life Paints Urethane Acrylic Glaze with UV inhibitors.

The project looks great and the owners couldn’t be more pleased to close out their disaster. Next time the do a deck, they know what and who they’ll be using-Central Coast Waterproofing and fire retardant Desert Crete decking.

Let me show you why Desert Crete beats Tufflex, Granite Deck, Polyurethane and any other deck system out there. When your property is worth it, use Desert Crete.

Call today for a free estimate, ask for me, Bill Leys 805-545-8300

Job Profile(s)-Morro Bay and Los Osos Homes Floored With Desert Crete

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We recently wrapped up several different projects in the towns of Morro Bay and Los Osos…

AM Enterprises had us do a deck, stairs and a landing on Juniper…

Robert Escobedo Construction had us do Desert Crete on a remodel on Agave in Morro Bay and

Wilkerson/Ford had us install Desert Crete flooring to a deck in Los Osos on Henrietta.

Hmmm, all Desert Crete decking, Class A fire retardant, tough and hard to damage yet easy to maintain.

Let me show you why contractor after contractor, homeowner after homeowner love their Desert Crete decks.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free estimate on your next project.

Central Coast Waterproofing to Waterproof 1700 Sq Feet for Tile Decks on Remodel on Ocean Ave Cayucos

Our latest job we’ve just signed is a set of four decks that will be receiving tile over tile waterproofing membrane manufactured by Mer-Kote.

Totaling over 1700 square feet in size, the showpiece of the home will be the 1300 square foot main deck overlooking the ocean. With views from Morro Bay in the south to Cambric in the north, the deck will be a main gathering place for the owner and his family.
General contractor Crizer Construction is heading up the job, and cited the need for a top quality waterproofing system with a top quality company to ensure its correct installation.

With a high end home with high end finishes, Crizer Construction couldn’t afford to take chances.
We use Mer-Kote because we can’t take chances either. Mer-Koch’s system is approved for under tile applications where near constant immersion and contact with water is a given and failure is not an option.
When failure is not an option for your tile deck waterproofing job, call us, the experts in tile deck waterproofing systems, methods and application.
Im Bill Leys and its my name behind your job. Call me at 805-545-8300 for a free consultation today.

Our New Project in Oakland Tile Deck Waterproofing Using MerKo

Our latest project is in Oakland CA. A deck intended for tiling over will be flashed with copper flashings and then waterproofed with MerKo under tile certified waterproofing. A 1″ mortar bed with structalath reinforcing wire will then be applied with appropriate drainage at the tile deck drain.
Watch for more pics to be added.
For this owner failure wasn’t an option for waterproofing his deck. If failure is not an option please call us at 805-545-8300.

Job Profile- Mer-Kote Tile Deck Waterproofing System on 17 Decks/3500 square feet

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Central Coast Waterproofing recently completed a job where we provided a dual membrane waterproofing and re-inforced underlayment system from Mer-Kote/Parex LaHabra for a tile deck system on a private custom home in northern California.

The large job consisted of flashing the decks using all copper for the deck to wall and drip edges, waterproofing the plywood decking, then installing a 1″ bed of underlayment to the decks. A second waterproofing application using Mer-Kote’s ARC (Anti-Reflective Crack) waterproofing.

Mer-Kote’s long time affiliation the TCNA, ICC-ES report for the ARC as a tile waterproofing membrane and the general contractors experience with Mer-Kote on past projects was the reason for the product selection.

Central Coast Waterproofing’s experience with tile deck waterproofing systems, it’s commitment to doing the work properly and a hands on owner convinced the contractor that we were their best choice to do the work.

Some Stats-

540 50# Bags of underlayment went down

3000 lineal feet of copper flashings

180 gallons of ARC waterproofing

6 rolls of polyester reinforcing fabric

1200 + man hours

A lot of work on an expensive home where failure was not an option.

When failure is not an option on your next tile deck project, call me,

Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a personal consultation.



Job Profile-Installing Tile Deck Waterproofing and Underlayment Using Mer-Ko ARC On A Santa Barbara Home

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Barton Construction of Santa Barbara (805-451-9982) was contracted to repair a leaky tile deck on a home just 11 years old. Rot had penetrated down into living space below and major repairs needed to be done.

Brett Barton was looking for a solution, not just a low price on a job that had two attorneys as owners living in it. One who works in construction defect law. So his problem was to find the right company. Brett had been reading Journal of Light Construction, where he read about Central Coast waterproofing installing Desert Crete on some decks. He liked what he read and saw and called us to ask if we’d work in Santa Barbara.

This wasn’t a big deck but it is over living space, so mistakes couldn’t be made. We decided on Mer-Kote Tile deck waterproofing and a mortar bed for the new tile, as a dual membrane system, with waterproofing on the substrate as well as on top of the underlayment. ARC from Mer-Kote was used with their standard under layment system, poured against expansion strips to allow the slab to expand and contract. Fabric reinforced ARC waterproofing is ICC approved as a waterproof membrane for tile decks, one of a few that is.

We installed a Tile deck drain from Thunderbird Products, it allows surface water to drain as well as subsurface water that may make it past the barriers to the floor, where waterproofing will help direct it to the weep holes of the drain. An overflow in the corner above our Thunderbird will allow a secondary drainage method if leaves clog our floor drain up. This is a code, so make sure you have an overflow on parapet walled decks or you risk making your sliding door the overflow.

After the Thunderbirds were in, we flashed the deck with 6×4″ galvanized sheet metal, and then using Mer-Kote burlap and primer, reinforced the sheet metal with burlap, then applied ARC waterproofing to the vertical rise and out to the floor. Then the ARC was installed over the substrate with a polyester reinforcing. Now the deck is waterproofed in like a tub.

We then set in lath to reinforce our underlayment system. The lath is laid in loosely, and a mortar bed 3/4″ thick was poured out on the deck. After curing for several days over the weekend, on Monday we returned to finish the deck. We installed pea gravel around the drain for subsurface water to drain through, covered the gravel/drain area with cement and then after that dried, put down another coat of ARC reinforced membrane on top of the mortar bed.

Now the deck is completed and ready for tiling directly over with thinset and grout. The stucco will be kept 1″ or more above the finished tiled surface and these owners will have a great tile deck well protected from moisture intrusion by a bonafide waterproofing/tile deck system from Mer-Kote and Central Coast Waterproofing.

Our methods cost more than other unapproved methods. But when it comes to performance, Mer-Kote can’t be beat. Proven, time tested recipes that are Tile Council of North America verified.

When your next deck project entails using a tile finish, we invite you to experience the quality and professionalism offerred by Central Coast Waterproofing and it’s team of experienced installers.

Call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free consultation.