Post A Pic of Your Desert Crete Deck-Win Bottles of Kynsi & Chamisal Wine!


Want to add a couple of nice bottles to your collection? How about a bottle of Kynsi Pinot Noir from their Edna Valley Stone Corral vineyard? Along with that prize we are including  a nice bottle of stainless Chardonnay from Chamisal Vineyards,  located a few miles away on the opposite side of Edna Valley.

It’s easy and you don’t have to buy anything.

Simply post a picture of your Desert Crete deck on our Facebook page at

It’s easy and takes but a minute.

Take a pic of your favorite area of your deck, a rocking chair in the corner to read on, a special plant or water feature. Tell us what you love about your Desert Crete deck.

Post your piics by July 31st. One random winner will be drawn from all entries received.

Must be 21 to win. Open to anyone who has a Desert Crete deck, not just those installed by CCW.

Competitors Granite Deck System Sun Burned & Peeling Bad in Pismo

Like a lot of visitors in Pismo Beach, this Granite Deck deck system by a competitor has got a bad sunburn…

Now I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t want to see my deck look like this after only a few years in the sun.

That’s why we use Desert Crete, a concrete based polymer modifies system.

It doesn’t sunburn.

I suggest that you do your research, ask questions before you buy anyone’s system and come to your own conclusions over whose system is best for your needs.

Call me, Bill Leys for a free evaluation of your next deck project. 805-801-2380

Educated Clients Confound Competitors By Selecting Desert Crete By Central Coast Waterproofing Over Their Cheaper Coating

Central Coast Waterproofing takes pride in our work. We take pride in the products we apply.

We have been busy working several  projects and have been booking up our schedule through April and now into May.

When we’ve been bidding projects, the same competitors names come up during the course of my conversations with clients-Upper Level Waterproofing, offering Westcoat ALX,  Santa Barbara Surfacing, offering Tufflex or Polycoat, Deck Tech, offering Granite Deck.

I always ask the clients what products intrigue them and which don’t. No sense in discussing products they have eliminated already. We discuss the products they are considering and we discuss our product-Desert Crete.  I talk about the benefits Desert Crete offers over the competing products, and what we as a company offers over our competitors.

Then I discuss price. I tell our clients up front that we won’t be cheaper than any of the other bidders. “Are you looking for value or a good price?”  I ask…if it’s value, then I have a good customer. If it’s a “good price”, lower than the competitors…well, that isn’t going to happen.

Value is something that has a price tag. A good value isn’t the cheapest product that does the job, it’s the product that does the job best for a cost that’s worth the risk. The risk of spending to much vs to little. If you spend to little and the product doesn’t work as it should for as long as it should, you will have wasted all your money.

However, when you spend a little more for a product that does exactly what it’s advertised to do, and that product gives you peace of mind, that’s value.  That’s why I found it amusing to hear a client relate a competitors reaction when they told them they were accepting my bid despite the competitors price being lower. “But we’re cheaper.”

They just don’t get it; they are only selling by having a low price on a product that doesn’t offer the same value as Desert Crete does. They didn’t listen to the client and hear that client say what they needed.

We hear you loud and clear. You want, or will want, Desert Crete. Let me show you why Desert Crete is the choice for savvy consumers. Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate on your deck project. 805-545-8300

A Client Gives Us Straight A’s on Angie’s List!

It was so nice to open my email this morning…an email from Angie’s List was waiting with a new review. Thank you to our clients who gave us straight A’s and had this to say about their Desert Crete job…

“Owner Bill Leys was easy to work with, honest, reliable, cooperative.”

Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A

Our goal is to make you satisfied! Check out our other Angie’s List ratings for epoxy flooring for garages too.

When your deck needs replacement, repairs or maintenance, try Central Coast Waterproofing. Our staff has been with us since opening our doors…which assures you of top quality work every time.
Call me, Bill Leys, owner, at 805-545-8300. Tell me Angie sent you!

Job Profile-Pismo Beach Condo Gets Treated to New Plywood and Desert Crete

Our latest job in Pismo Beach was a Bay Cliff condo deck that had been “fixed” 2x before by other contractors who did not specialize in the correct installation of pedestrian traffic coatings.  Yes twice fixed before.

This time around the Association hired Jim Carr Construction to fix this deck right. Jim had fixed a couple other decks in the complex and knew what he had to do-strip it down to plywood and then see what needed to be done after that. 

Once the deck was stripped we found old degraded OSB board that was water damaged. Replacement was the only option here…
Off Jcame the old and Jim CARR Construction installed new 3/4″ exterior grade plywood blocked glued and screwed.

Once the plywood was in place we came in and flashed the edges walls and the posts. Desert Crete decking was installed to provide the Association with a deck that is Class A fire resistant and has a low maintenance cost, good for lowering reserve costs…

Once we waterproofed the deck in rough, Jim came back and finished waterproofing the posts and then built a sided in wall for exterior finish.

The job wasn’t cheaper but the lesson is great work doesn’t come cheap but great work costs less over time than cheap work.

Why put cheap no name brands on your valuable home, hotel, condo or apartment complex that don’t create value for you? Get the best deck waterproofing you can. Its advisable and yet its total cost of ownership is less. Ill prove if.

Call me, Bill Leys for your free estimate at 805-545-8300.

Wildfire is Coming. Is Your House Ready?


I saw this sign as I was heading over Highway 58 last week. I was inspired to take a picture and post it as a reminder to get ready for wild fire.

While preparing consider Desert Crete and it’s. Class A fire rating against burning brands…the embers that land on homes and often start fires long before the main fire reaches your home.
With fire resistant Desert Crete, you’ll add an extra layer of assurance down on your deck…

Concrete based Desert Crete, California’s wildfire enemy.
Call me Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free estimate today.

Job Profile-Desert Crete Gets an “A” From Cal-Poly Professors

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If you’ve been reading any of my job profiles or read my website at, you probably know I emphasize how Desert Crete is a fire resistant decking system.

Our latest job profile focuses on Desert Crete’s fire resistant qualities, as that’s one of the main reasons why Central Coast Waterproofing was awarded this job in San Luis Obispo.

Some months ago, I received a call from a client in San Luis Obispo who had a Dex-O-Tex deck that “needed repair” . We are Dex-O-Tex installers and advertise so in the Yellow Pages and on our website. Off I went to inspect the deck with the owner.

An inspection revealed lots of cracks in the field of the deck. A little dryrotted plywood against a wall. A 20 year old deck with an approximate life span of 25-30 years. Perhaps it was time to replace instead of repair?

Central Coast Waterproofing submitted a bid to the clients, who are retired Cal-Poly professors.

I like working with people who are open to listening and understanding. I sell using education, not low price. My professor clients took the information I provided and began their search for decking systems to compare Desert Crete against. I don’t like using pressure or hard sell tactics. I follow up and check in with clients after submitting the bid…

It took a couple months as our clients were doing some travelling too, and then one day the phone rang…we want to discuss the job further with you. After investigating our system and competitors systems, Desert Crete went to the top of their list.

I was told competitors of  mine didn’t seem concerned about their coatings not being fire resistant…they didn’t have a coating with an ICC-ES report behind it, proving it’s worth as a pedestrian traffic roof  deck coating. They didn’t have a report proving their product was Class A fire resistant. They did have an attractive finish to offer but it wasn’t fire resistant. Scratch those for this project…first priority here is Fire Resistance.

That fact alone eliminated our competitors for this job. The deck on this house is an integral part of the fire resistance this house was built for. Metal roof, stucco siding, triple glazed windows/doors, no wood exposed anywhere. When it was built, it was called the most fire resistant homes in SLO.

 Central Coast Waterproofing removed the old Dex-O-Tex decking, discarding at the landfill. Inspection of the plywood deck found a few problems but nothing significant. Grinding off the coatings off the flashings though revealed a problem; rusted flashings on apx 40% of the total lineal footage. A change order to open all the stucco, remove 140 lineal feet of flashings and install new was approved.

Plywood substrate was renailed with ring shank nails. New flashings and weep screed, new stucco and new Desert Crete decking was installed, along with replacing three old deck drains that exhibited signs of rust. New Thunderbird Products deck drains were installed using  chromed brass grates (custom order).

The deck was finished with a low knockdown textured finish and painted/sealed with 2 coats of Monterey Grey.

Our clients are thrilled with their new deck and can rest easy knowing their beautiful home overlooking San Luis Obispo is still just as fire resistant as it was the day it was built.