Job Profile-Grover Beach Mixed Use Commercial/Residential Deck Renovation

Our latest job finished up earlier this week in Grover Beach. Property manager/building owner Mark London’s building on N 8th Street has a walking deck that needed some attention. There were complaints of ponding water and a crack in the deck.

Our inspection found a metal lath concrete based deck with a urethane waterproofing membrane over it. A plywood seam had moved and split the coating, allowing some water intrusion to begin. The drains just needed cleaning of debris and the water pooling on the deck flowed right off.

We opened the split coating and discovered that the plywood had some dryrot in it. We replaced a 3’x3′ section and installed lath and cement over that to tie in with the existing system.

Our crew then applied Desert Flex  decking to the 200+ square feet of deck. Great for restoring walkways, balconies, and roof decks that have existing deck systems that need repairs. Desert Flex is easy to apply, and dries fast so there is minimal loss of access for your customers / tenants.

Mark loves the job and says “The job looks good and I am happy.”

Let Central Coast Waterproofing renovate your deck professionally with the Desert Brand family of decking systems-Desert Crete, Desert Flex or EZ Deck. We are the exclusive Desert Brand applicator in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County.

Let me show you why you want Desert Brand coatings on your decks-the difference is clear.

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Job Profile-Landlocked Lighthouse Beckons Souls to Be Saved, But Church Places It’s Faith in Desert Crete

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Church’s are a respite for the soul, a place to go to meditate, reflect and grow.

We go to Church to help save our souls from eternal damnation and hell…

However, churches, just like any building, aren’t immune to the ravages of the weather here on the Central Coast of California. Eternal damnation? Decks aren’t afraid of that…decks are afraid of eternal damnation to dry-rot, fungus and leaks.

So when a House of God is suffering from leaks and dry-rot to it’s structure and decks, what miracle can one rely on to provide a waterproof walk-able surface?

The answer that Christians, Hindu, Muslim, Jews, and everyone of faith, and even atheists  can turn to is the Desert Crete Pedestrian Traffic Coating system from Hill Brothers Chemical Company. Desert Crete is a miracle of modern day technology using polymerized cements and fiberglass/resins that when assembled properly makes any deck or roof waterproof and ready for high traffic that other systems just can’t compare to. While it won’t part the seas to let you cross, it will fend off the seas of heavy rain we get here.

Our latest project we just completed is the locally notable landlocked lighthouse at Fairoaks Avenue in Arroyo Grande.

Parthenon Builders was the General Contractor hired to repair the leaking rotted structure. With everything covered outside in stucco and inside with drywall, the extensive damage to the framing wasn’t evident until demo started.

Parthenon Builders, led by Chris Sterios, peeled back the damaged materials, repairing and replacing plywood and framing. After many hours of labor, they were ready for waterproofing. The contractor they hired to do the waterproofing balked at contract terms and so eliminated themselves from the job. Parthenon searched for another contractor to waterproof the decks and roofs and found us online after a Google search.

We bid the project and were awarded the job and signed the contract with Parthenon Builders.  Working together, we first came in and flashed the decks up at the top. Climbing 70 foot high scaffolding is never fun, but the view we had was worth it. We applied a base coat of waterproofing and then the stucco contractor came and applied their stucco system to waterproof the walls of the lighthouse.

After that was done, the scaffolding was pulled down to allow work to continue on the main deck level. Again we came in and waterproofed the deck. A tricky part on this deck was tying in the roof which met the deck so that everything was waterproof and installed in a weatherboard fashion. The roofing company finished the roof tie in after we ran flashing up the sloped roof and applied our Desert Crete under where the shingles would lay over.

Finally everything was done after many more months than expected. The recent rains have tested the decks and the Church’s faith in Desert Crete remains intact after the Desert Crete resisted all the temptations that the devil threw at it.

Don’t damn your decks to hell and damnation-Save them with Desert Crete decking installed by Central Coast Waterproofing. Get a free estimate and learn how Desert Crete will save your decks and walkways.

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Job Profile-Faux Flagstone Finished Deck Wins Project of the Month From

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I am pleased to say that a decorative faux finished flagstone deck project we recently completed has been selected as October’s Project of the Month by Concrete Construction! See it featured here at this link–sealed.aspx.

Our latest project began as repairs to one deck that had cracks in it. It expanded to include 3 other decks when the owners decided they wanted faux decorative surfaces that had faded updated as well.

To begin the project we opened cracks and repaired them. Using a Blastrac portable 110v DE-Z8 shotblaster we removed the old finish. After weighing the dustless vac, we found that almost 125 pounds of concrete was in our bin!

With the decks prepped for new coating, we applied Hill Brothers Desert Flex fiberglass reinforced deck waterproofing system. Waterproofing taken care of, we turned next to the decorative finish.

The Concrete Floor Store, our decorative flooring showroom had Universal Templates, Inc samples of various stone finishes. The clients selected flagstone for the shape. Several different stain colors from different companies stain color palettes were reviewed, and Life Deck stains from Life Paint were selected.

Using stamps supplied by Pro-Line, we stamped the deck over the templates with a Roman Slate stone pattern.

The decks were stained 2x and then we removed the templates and stained the whole deck again, bringing a deep rich color out.

Protecting the finish is Hill Brothers Desert Brand clear water based sealer.

The decks look great and compliment the homes exterior.

For a winning look contact Central Coast Waterproofing today for your decorative finish needs. The Concrete Floor Store has many different finishes and products available for you to choose from.

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Job Profile-Smooth Sailing on Harbor View Apartment Decks With CCW At The Helm

Our latest job profile is the continuing story about the decks of Harbor View Villa Apartments in Ventura CA.

There are a lot of decks at this apartment complex. The decks are protected with the Mer-Kote Weather Deck system, a slip sheet system that is comprised of multiple layers of materials/fillers that culminate in a smooth deck surface . These systems work very well, but they do need to be maintained on a regular (every 3 years) basis to protect the system from UV damage and to keep the deck looking nice.

Unfortunately the deck systems on most of the decks were severely damaged a couple years ago when a painting company won the bid to clean and repaint the decks during a painting project of the entire complex. Without knowledge of the crae and maintenance procedures recommended by Mer-Kote, an untrained laborer with a pressure washer went wild with it. If some material came off, more coming off must be better right? When cleaning Mer-Kote decking, a pressure washer is only OK to use with a broom attachment tto “sweep” the deck clean with lower pressure. A scrub brush and soapy water, rinse and it’s clean and ready to prime and repaint.

The decks we’ve been replacing with our Desert Flex system have to be stripped of the existing Mer-Kote down to the sloped concrete underlayment. After stripping we inspect the drains for rust and damage. Then any that are bad get replaced, a primer coat of Desert Brand Level Max 20/30 and Polymer 550 is troweled over the underlayment.

Then a fiberglass mat and resin is rolled down over the primer. After curing then we apply a second coat of polymerized Level Max is troweled over the glass to encase and protect it.  A low knocked down texture and two coats of pigmented custom colored sealer is applied to finish the new deck system.

As tenants move out the decks are replaced as needed. The management is slowly taking control of their decks with a deck system that performs well, needs a minimal of care and costs less to install than a new Mer-Kote system.

The result is low maintenance decks that tenants and the management love!

You’ll love our decks too! Try us today and get a free estimate for your next project.

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Job Profile-Avila Beach Ocean Front Deck Gets Desert Flex

An ocean view home on Avila Beach’s Front Street is being remodeled by Carroll Construction of San Luis Obispo.

The decks had been done by someone else a few years back; there were some cracks on the deck and the owners wanted the decks repaired and dressed up a bit to enhance the new decor.

Carroll Construction called Central Coast Waterproofing. Having used us before, seen our work and knowing we could get the job done, on time, on budget, we were hired.

Repairs to the cracks were made. Then Desert Flex from Hill Brothers was applied to the decks to dress them up and enhance their waterproofing characteristics.

A low knockdown texture with 2 color coats of “Buckskin” sealer was applied to finish the decks.

Nirvana achieved, the owners can relax on their newly renovated decks with a great view of the ocean.

Achieve nirvana today with the finest coatings in the San Luis Obispo County area with Desert Brand decking applied by Central Coast Waterproofing.

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Job Profile-Desert Flex Fixes Decks At a Ventura Apartment Complex

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An apartment complex in Ventura with large waterproof decks on every apartment rivaling the size of many modest homes and apartments has found an economical way to replace their older Mer-Kote decks that were damaged by a painter’s brutal pressure washing job.

Several years ago the complex, during a re-paint of the buildings, also let the deck cleaning and re-painting contract to the painting firm. They promptly, without any previous experience, took pressure washers to the Mer-Kote covered decks and water blasted them “clean”. Clean of the top coat, the body coat and in some cases, went clear down to the slip sheet.

The resulting damage to the decking has caused the owners to realize that the 30 cents psf cost to clean and repaint they paid to the painter was not a good value…

As a Mer-Kote installer, we looked at the decks and ran some numbers to redo decks with Mer-Kote materials. The costs were high and the complex knew that even with the repairs, they still had a maintenance issue with the required cleaning and resealing every 3 years.

We ran numbers to strip the decks of the Mer-Kote and replace them with Desert Flex, an acrylic/fiberglass reinforced system designed to be applied over concrete substrates. With the lower cost of ownership that the Desert Flex system offers, plus the advantage of they being able to clean and repaint the decks without having to pay us every time, the Desert Flex system quickly rose to the top choice as a replacement for the existing decking.

As apartments turn over, we come in and quickly strip off the Mer-Kote decking and discard it. Grinding off the edges  and replacing drains as necessary, we then apply a bond coat over the concrete substrate and then apply the Desert Flex system painted a custom color supplied by Life Paints Life Deck 10 Series deck sealer.

The Desert Flex system looks great, increases the rental rates a slight bit and gives our clients peace of mind that the deck is waterproof.

If your apartment or condo complex has deck problems, don’t let it get you down!

Call Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at Central Coast Waterproofing 805-545-8300 today for a fast free estimate to repair, replace or maintain your Mer-Kote, Desert Brand, Dex-O-Tex, or other deck system. Don’t let a painter cost you big money with a low bid for work they don’t understand.