Job Profile-Everyone Loves Rubber Duckies, But No One Loves Rubber Decking…

Our latest job we just completed is fixing two rubber decks on a home in Cambria that were in Stage 1 of failing…Stage 5 being the deck is dead.

While we know everyone smiles and loves Rubber Duckies on their decks (or bath tub or pool or wherever…) everyone we meet with Rubber Decks from Santa Barbara Surfacing, Ron Murrell Waterproofing or DeckTech ends up hating their decks…

The litany of complaints for rubber decks runs from to hard to clean, rough on my bare feet, needs constant yearly maintenance to keep it alive…to the coating is splitting at the plywood seams to we have dryrot and leaks from it failing.

The simple facts are that rubber decks CAN’T resist UV rays for long without needing to be repainted…every year or two without fail, or the result will be they fail.

Like  cancer, rubber decks, once they split are just in a slow death spiral…the owners of this home in Cambria had their rubber deck for about 4 years and then had to have it fixed…then it started failing again…splits at the plywood seams. We came to inspect it after their general contractor recommended us.

We showed them our Desert Crete system, explained how the metal lath would help reinforce the deck and reduce plywood seam movement and most importantly reduce maintenance to inspecting every 3 years and repainting the deck every 3-5 years. The clients liked that and they liked the fact that Desert Crete is a Class A fire resistant coating that will better protect their home in case of fire. They also liked that Desert Crete is a bonafide Pedestrian Traffic Coating system where as Tufflex and NCS Granite Deck are not.  Click the link and see for yourself that Desert Crete is listed here and see what systems are not here…

After some plywood that was rotted was replaced by David Drew Construction, we came in and covered the existing rubber coated decks with Desert Crete. We stapled our lath right through the rubber coatings and applied our cement base coat, fiberglass and resin, a secondary protective coat of cement over the glass and then textured and painted the decks.

The owners love their new foot friendly decking and we think our  rubber duckie friends will love it too!

When your rubber decks have worn out their welcome, let us show you why Desert Crete can’t be beat. Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 today for a fast free estimate on your rubber deck replacement.


Why Annual Inspections of Your Waterproof Decks and Stairs Pays Rather Than Costs

In a recent blog post on their website, Deck Tech, one of our competitors, put forth the proposition  that “All Deck Coatings Fail”… when asked if a deck coating application will last for (the) life of structure if installed correctly? 

Ron McKenna, owner of Deck Tech, then contradicts himself by saying that the deck coating in the example he gives failed because of faulty installation.  So as “bold” as Ron McKenna’s claim is, it’s a half truth.

There is a big difference between “fail” and “wear out”. A car’s engine will fail if you don’t change the oil every 5,000 miles (perform maintenance). A cars engine will wear out after 300,000 miles of driving when you changed the oil, radiator coolant and performed all other normal and regular maintenance. The pistons will wear, the cylinders will pit, but that’s something we expect after driving all those miles. But that car will have paid for itself many times over with the small costs of maintenance over 10-12 years vs driving it for 2-3 years and never changing the oil and the engine blows up. The cost to replace the engine is the same, but the cost per mile is significantly lower when that car was driven for 300,000 miles before having to replace it vs driving it for 60,000 miles.  .

Buildings are designed and built for a  long life span; heck we see buildings that are hundreds of years old that are still standing tall. Maintenance and repairs have kept them standing. Homes and structures are built with many different components that have various life spans. Some components are intended to last the life of the building-framing for example. Other components have finite life spans. Paint for example provides some weather resistance to your siding, but will not last for much more than 5-10 years before needing to be reapplied.  Deck coatings are a component that can last a long time…with a big BUT…

The truth is that all deck coatings have a finite lifespan. Some coatings are designed to last 12-15 years and others have a 30 + year life expectancy…with the majority in the middle somewhere. These finite maximum life spans are usually only obtainable when three things occur.

1.)  The framing and plywood substrate the coating is applied to is built to the highest standards of construction, not to the minimum standard. When a builder/contractor says to me that they built the deck to meet code, I say it’s like getting a C on a test. Yes , you passed, but mediocrity in the framing assembly may mean the deck coating assembly will not last for it’s intended life span.   Over-building a deck with 2×12″ joists with screws and glue fastening the  1 1/8″ plywood will provide a much better foundation to waterproof over than a deck with 5/8″ plywood and smooth shank nails fastening it down.

2.) The deck coating system has been installed correctly. This is very important. A deck coating assembly that is improperly installed has almost zero chance of lasting for it’s intended life span even with regular maintenance. Coatings must be applied to meet the manufacturer’s minimum application thickness. A coating that needs to be at least 3/16″ thick will probably not last 20 years if it’s only installed at 1/8″ thick. Coatings need to be lapped up the vertical rise of L flashing,  decks need proper sloping to drain water off an edge or to floor drains.  There are multiple minute details that must be performed properly or even the best system will meet an early demise.

3.)The deck coating system is inspected and maintained on a regular basis. All deck waterproofing systems must be inspected annually for signs of  problems. Many coating systems such as urethanes and especially DeckTech’s Granite Deck  MUST be maintained with regular applications of UV resistant sealants/paints that protect the waterproofing. The paint/sealant is like a sunblock one applies to their skin to protect it from the damaging effects of UV. Without regular applications of sun blocking sealants, the coating WILL fail from UV degradation. Once UV has damaged a coating, it’s downhill from there with a shortened life expectancy. , Other coating systems such as our Desert  Crete cement based system only need to be painted to maintain their aesthetic appearance.  Cement is basically impervious to UV damage.

Decks Fail Due to Lack of Inspections, Lack of Maintenance and/or From Being Improperly Installed. 

Not a week goes by it seems without our company receiving a phone call or email inquiry from a client who has a leaking deck or stairs saying “It’s just a small leak.”

The  client may have noticed a water stain on their ceiling below the roof deck, maybe  they found a soft spot by a drain…any number of reasons can trigger that phone call or filling out our VIP lead/contact from our website.

Sadly, we discover that many of these “small” leaks have caused extensive hidden damage underneath that creates an expense that no one anticipated.

The slideshow of photograph’s below show a number of decks that failed due to lack of maintenance and/or they were improperly installed and detailed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In almost every example in this slideshow, an annual inspection probably would have found the small seemingly innocuous symptoms of an ailing deck and with regular maintenance and repairs, prevented a much larger problem from developing.

So many times we hear our clients say “I never knew I had to inspect or maintain.” They unfortunately believe that their home is “maintenance free” with stucco siding, a tile covered roof and a coating on their deck.

Central Coast  Waterproofing offers free (offer limited to individual homes that are not for sale or in escrow) visual inspections of deck coatings-whether it’s our system or one of our competitors systems.

We inspect decks using  a list of approximately 25 different critical areas.   We inspect the deck and the related components-flashings, railings, siding, any penetrations through the deck or in components above it. We check the floor for squeaks, indicating moving plywood, we check the scuppers or drains to ensure they are clear and the coating materials are properly adhered.

So often we find that the deck itself is fine, but that satellite dish that was installed…well it’s causing or may cause a leak because Bluto, the dolt who installed it, doesn’t care about your weather resistant barrier he just punctured during the installation.

Inspections are extremely important. Don’t neglect your deck coating or you risk getting an ugly unexpected surprise in a large cost to repair framing and interior finishes.

Maintenance doesn’t cost, it pays. Consider that the average cost of  maintenance is around $500-$1,000.00 every three to five years; now  compare that cost to the average cost of a full deck replacement plus framing and plywood replacement at around $5,000- $20,000.


Get your free, no obligation deck inspection done by the professional’s at Central Coast Waterproofing. We have the experience and know how to inspect the critical areas that so often are the source of so much heartache.

Have deck project you are ready to start? Get a free no obligation quote on our Desert Crete decking system and start your deck off on the right  foot.

Call Bill Leys, The Deck Expert, at 805-545-8300 today and schedule your inspection or quote. If you’d rather send us a VIP request via our contact form below.


Competitors Granite Deck System Sun Burned & Peeling Bad in Pismo

Like a lot of visitors in Pismo Beach, this Granite Deck deck system by a competitor has got a bad sunburn…

Now I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t want to see my deck look like this after only a few years in the sun.

That’s why we use Desert Crete, a concrete based polymer modifies system.

It doesn’t sunburn.

I suggest that you do your research, ask questions before you buy anyone’s system and come to your own conclusions over whose system is best for your needs.

Call me, Bill Leys for a free evaluation of your next deck project. 805-801-2380

Educated Clients Confound Competitors By Selecting Desert Crete By Central Coast Waterproofing Over Their Cheaper Coating

Central Coast Waterproofing takes pride in our work. We take pride in the products we apply.

We have been busy working several  projects and have been booking up our schedule through April and now into May.

When we’ve been bidding projects, the same competitors names come up during the course of my conversations with clients-Upper Level Waterproofing, offering Westcoat ALX,  Santa Barbara Surfacing, offering Tufflex or Polycoat, Deck Tech, offering Granite Deck.

I always ask the clients what products intrigue them and which don’t. No sense in discussing products they have eliminated already. We discuss the products they are considering and we discuss our product-Desert Crete.  I talk about the benefits Desert Crete offers over the competing products, and what we as a company offers over our competitors.

Then I discuss price. I tell our clients up front that we won’t be cheaper than any of the other bidders. “Are you looking for value or a good price?”  I ask…if it’s value, then I have a good customer. If it’s a “good price”, lower than the competitors…well, that isn’t going to happen.

Value is something that has a price tag. A good value isn’t the cheapest product that does the job, it’s the product that does the job best for a cost that’s worth the risk. The risk of spending to much vs to little. If you spend to little and the product doesn’t work as it should for as long as it should, you will have wasted all your money.

However, when you spend a little more for a product that does exactly what it’s advertised to do, and that product gives you peace of mind, that’s value.  That’s why I found it amusing to hear a client relate a competitors reaction when they told them they were accepting my bid despite the competitors price being lower. “But we’re cheaper.”

They just don’t get it; they are only selling by having a low price on a product that doesn’t offer the same value as Desert Crete does. They didn’t listen to the client and hear that client say what they needed.

We hear you loud and clear. You want, or will want, Desert Crete. Let me show you why Desert Crete is the choice for savvy consumers. Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate on your deck project. 805-545-8300

Anatomy of a Deck Failure-Granite Deck by Deck Tech

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Our newest client is someone who never thought that only three years after spending $6,000+ to fix her decks that she’d be facing another huge bill to fix her decks properly.

We inspected a job  earlier this week when the clients contractor called us and had questions about repairing a deck that had been done by Deck Tech.

Our inspection revealed a number of problems with the job.

  1. Coating applied was sprayed on too thin-allowed pin holes to form in coating and water to migrate through. NCS Granite Deck requires minimum mil thickness be applied to avoid this problem. 
  2. Failure to prep/prime existing coating to allow new coatings to bond. Deck Tech Granite Deck peels right off the surface.
  3. Failure to properly prepare flashings. The material won’t bond to improperly prepared surfaces.
  4. Failure to address railing base penetrations by removing railing bases and waterproofing underneath where bases will set. Rotted plywood is the result.
  5. Failure to address high edges. Water doesn’t drain properly and ponding water conditions have occurred due to this failure to address the condition.
  6. Failure to comply with code and install a Class A fire retardant deck system in compliance with ICC-ES standards.
  7. Took a deposit of $2,000+ dollars; an apparent violation of CSLB law that restricts contractors from taking a deposit of 10% or $1,000.00, whichever is LESS. In this case, IMO, the deposit should have been $600.00.

So now what is the client faced with? A huge bill to fix the deck right. Over $18,000 worth of repairs…

We sat down with the contractr and their client and explained the situation. For over an hour we talked. The client understands what needs to be done and face reality that their is no magic elixir to fix a deck. No spray applied polyurea is going to make your problems go away, it will only mask the problem for a few more years.

Don’t buy any BS from a salesperson; we present facts that are verifiable.

We use ICC-ES evaluated Desert Crete decking that is Class A fire retardant.

We install decking the way the manufacturer says to; the right way.

There is no magic potion to make your deck problems go away. Only a well built deck using best building practices will provide the foundation necessary for a deck coating to be applied to. Only a deck system installed by professional applicators using best practices will perform for the long term.

Well built deck structures and well assembled deck coatings are not cheap. But they will last, providing a lifetime of enjoyment. Do it right or do it over…

Call today for a free estimate on doing the job right. Call me, Bill leys at 805-545-8300

Now You Can Compare DeckTech’s, Ca Coatings & Santa Barbara Surfacing’s Products to Our DESERT CRETE in One Stop

L to R Tufflex, Westcoat ALX, NCS Granite Deck & DESERT CRETE
L to R Tufflex, Westcoat ALX, NCS Granite Deck & DESERT CRETE

I stole this idea from Food For Less. If you shop at the local grocers, you know they are always saying they are the lowest priced of any local food chain.

Food For Less puts out 4 carts of food full of brand name items that they went and bought at the local competitors and now you can compare their receipt and prices from Von’s, Ralph’s and Cookie Crock.

Now it’s time to let our clients do the same similar thing…

Now lets clear up one thing, we’re not saying we are the cheapest…

But ( I know, no starting sentences with a “But”) we are saying we have the best deck coating product in the local market.

so we’ve gathered our competitors products up and we now have samples of Tufflex from Santa Barbara Surfacing, NCS Granite Deck from DeckTech and Westcoat ALX  from California Coatings.

With one call to 805-545-8300, I’ll bring my products and my competitors products for you to compare side by side, handle and hold. Ask me as many questions as you need, I’ll point you to where you can find verification of the facts and we’ll let you, the client, decide on what is the best deck coating for your needs.

In fact, to help you, I developed a handy free questionnaire to use to interview us and our competitors with.

Download it by clicking here. You’ll open a new page at, our sister company.

Lets face it, all of us want to “sell you” the product they represent. But only one of us will take the time to educate you on the what, where and why of deck waterproofing.

Central Coast Waterproofing, where we make comparison shopping easy.

Call the owner, Bill Leys, direct at 805-545-8300 for a free estimate today. We’ll bring the samples to you.

Advisory to Clients of DeckTech, Inc. of Grover Beach

It has always been the goal of Central Coast Waterproofing to be unwavering in honesty and fairness and to follow the laws of the State of California and the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

In some of our recent interactions with clients, we have meet a few who have also received bids from DeckTech, Inc. of Grover Beach.

In three cases where we were able to review a contract/proposal from DeckTech, we were troubled by several items  lacking in their contact and how much money they ask for as a deposit, and so we wish to issue the following advisory.

It is state law that contracts have several required provisions incorporated in them to help protect consumers from unsavory contractors.

Among them are

  • Initial deposits-when signing a contract there are limits on how much of a down payment a contractor can collect before beginning any work; to $1,000.00 or 10% of the contract amount, whichever is LESS. So if your contract is for $20,000.00, a contractor can only take $1,000.00 as a down payment when you first sign the contract. If your contract is for $8,000.00, the contractor can only take $800.00 maximum as a down payment. In all three cases where we reviewed DeckTech contracts, the deposit amounts appeared to violate CSLB laws by requiring 50% of the contract amount up front before any work began to “lock in” your start date.
  • Residential consumer contracts are required to have a 72 hour “cooling off” provision. This gives you up to 3 business days to re-consider, and without penalty, cancel your contract. This helps you when pushy salespeople may have pressured you into signing a contract. We have not seen this required clause in any of the three contracts of DeckTech’s that we reviewed with homeowners. Be sure to get the required language in your contract.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance. By law, licensed contractors who employ workers must have workers compensation insurance. According to the website at,  DeckTech (lic # 796956) has certified that they have no employees. Yet clients have affirmed that uniformed persons wearing DeckTech attire have worked on their property. Make sure you get a current copy of DeckTech’s workers compensation insurance certificate. If the named insured isn’t DeckTech, do not sign anything until you have determined through the CSLB whether that is acceptable or not. You may put your self at great persoanl financial risk if there are uninsured or misclassified workers performing labor on your property. There are strict definitions too on who qualifies as an independent contractor, so be sure to have approriate language in your contract regarding any workers and required insurances.

Central Coast Waterproofing has taken the appropriate actions to follow CSLB and state law to ensure our contract meets the requirements of the law.

Down Payments-Our policy is to ask for a deposit of no more than 10% or a $1,000.00. Usually we don’t take a deposit at all for jobs under $2,500.00 and typically our deposit is not for more than $500.00, even when the contract value is for far more. We may ask for progress payments when we complete a certain percentage of the work or for money when special order items are necessary for your job-copper flashings for example will be invoiced for upon time of delivery to the job. Typically we will allow you to withhold 10% of the total contract amount until you have accepted and approved of the work and all punch list items are done.  This is your guarantee that we’ll come back and finish what we promised.

Cancellation Policy-We have a 72 hour cancellation clause in accordance with state law. Unless you direct us to begin work immediately and waive your rights to our cooling off policy, we honor and obey the law.

Workers Compensation-our policy is located at our website in the Articles and Doc’s section. You can view our current and past policy’s ACORD forms anytime you need to verify coverage. Ask us to name you as additional insureds at no additional charge. Protect yourself, protect your property. You can also verify our workers compensation at CSLB’s website by clicking here. Our license number is 890269.

General Liability-Central Coast Waterproofing names our clients as additional insured under our General Liability policy upon request. Please be sure to request that we name you on our policy before beginning work, all at no additional cost.

These tips below are brought to you by the CSLB.

10 Tips for Making Sure Your Contractor Measures Up…

  1. Hire only licensed contractors.
  2. Check a contractor’s license number online at or by calling (800) 321-CSLB (2752).
  3. Get at least three bids.
  4. Get three references from each bidder and review past work in person.
  5. Make sure all project expectations are in writing and only sign the contract if you completely understand the terms.
  6. Confirm that the contractor has workers’ compensation insurance for employees.
  7. Never pay more than 10% down of $1,000, whichever is less. Don’t pay in cash.
  8. Don’t let payments get ahead of the work.
  9. Keep a job file of all papers relating to your project, including all payments.
  10. Don’t make the final payment until you’re satisfied with the job.


What should I look for in contract and binding agreements? This step helps you understand contract and binding agreements with your contractor.

File a Complaint This section provides a step-by-step process to file a complaint online or by mail.

Central Coast Waterproofing’s policy is to operate fairly and with transparency. We just want our competition to play on a level playing surface with us.
We want you to feel comfortable with us before we ask you to sign anything, give a deposit, begin work or when we ask for our final payment.
For a free consultation on your next project, call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300. I may not beat DeckTech’s prices, but we beat them with honesty, fairness, quality products and quality service.