Four + Years Later, Desert Crete Stairs Just Need a Cleaning & Fresh Coat of Sealer!

Desert Crete waterproofs these stairs sealed with Mission Red to compliment the tile.

A little over 4 years ago Central Coast Waterproofing installed a Desert Crete fire rated waterproofing system over a set of plywood covered stairs at a home on Rachel Street in San Luis Obispo. The contractor who built the house had recommended me and knew that the Desert Crete system would provide years of service for his client.

The Desert Crete system has performed as expected; it is after all a rugged durable system that utilizes polymer reinforced concrete and resins. I’ve installed many thousands of square feet of this decking system and it has exceeded all my expectations.

Many coatings require that they be resealed every year or two Polyurethanes, Tufflex and Decktech’s Granite Deck System as examples) to stay alive. UV destroys them rapidly if they aren’t resealed regularly. Desert Crete only requires resealing to maintain it’s aesthetic appearance. Darker colored sealers do fade over time so it’s recommended to reseal every 3-5 years to keep the original color.

It only took a day to clean the stairs and landings, inspect them carefully for any signs of wear or damage and then apply a new color coat of deck sealer to keep these stairs looking good for another 4 years. For less than $500, these stairs are looking good again!

Whether your deck has Desert Crete, Life Deck, Westcoat, Dex-O-Tex, Mer-Kote or any other deck system, I can clean and reseal your deck too, and do it for $500 or less.

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Bill Leys Saves Homeowner on El Viento $20,000

A homeowner on El Viento in Pismo Beach called me; he had received a bid from Deck Tech Inc from Grover Beach. They wanted an absurd amount of money, over $20,000, to replace two small decks off the bedroom & living room. Converted to square feet, the cost was over $90 per square foot! Could I come over and give my evaluation?  Of course I said…

Inspecting the deck, I found a waterproofing system that was in fairly good condition despite being nearly 20 years old. The problem I found was the drains had started leaking.

A Deck Repair That Would Cost the Price of a Good Used Car-

Deck Tech’s answer to this wasn’t oh we can fix those leaky drains..No, their answer was to tell the owner that for $20,000+ they would strip off the deck coating and the plywood, smash open stucco walls and redo everything. Now for that kind of money they were going to use copper flashings, not necessary IMO, and stainless steel metal lath for their decking system, again, way overkill. They sent the owner a Powerpoint display filled with scare tactics and conjecture. Until a deck is opened, the damage is unknown. Sometimes there is massive damage underneath, often times not.  For $20,000 + you can buy a very nice used car…or let Deck Tech steal your money doing unnecessary work.

A Second Opinion-

My answer was simple-start with opening the two drains by removing the coating around them, inspect and determine a scope of work then. So that is what the owner did, allowed me to open the drain area and inspect. We found solid plywood and a rusted drain flange.

New drain with freshly painted deck is ready to serve for many more years.

I was able to replace the two drains on the deck, tie in new waterproofing with the existing, texture the repair and repaint the whole deck for less than $500.

The owner is very satisfied with my repairs and with yesterdays rain (Sunday 11/20) the deck passed with flying colors, no leaks and it’s ready for winter!

Don’t let Deck Tech’s scare tactics bamboozle you into parting with your money, call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 today for a free inspection of your deck problem. Cracks, leaky drains, rusted flashing…fixed for $500 or less, in as little as a day.


Deck Expert Bill Leys Fixes DeckTech Inc’s Failures at Harp Springs

Does your Harp Springs Enclave deck have cracks in it? Does your deck have rusted flashing at the edge where the spiral stairs connect to the deck?

I’ve heard that many do, similar to this one I fixed last week for a client.

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I also heard about Decktech’s lame sales pitches to get you to buy into their ADMA agreement, which is simply a suckers bet designed to let DeckTech win by getting you to pay for the warranty work they should be doing for free. $300 a year may not sound like much, but over 5 years it’s $1,500.00. That buys a lot of repairs and maintenance! I fixed the cracks on the deck shown above and cleaned and  resealed the Life Deck system for $500. Far less costs for far more work.

Owners with the Life Deck/Westcoat concrete system can have their deck cleaned and resealed about every 3-5 years based on use, exposure to weather and UV. There isn’t any need for much maintenance other than that recommended by the mfg. If you have cracks on your deck and Decktech’s answer is to put some caulk into it, stop them. Insist they open the deck back, remove all rusted metal lath and reinstall the decking system. If they won’t and you want your deck fixed right, resealed and better than before, call me Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 for an appointment today.

Owners of the Granite Deck system should know that Granite Deck is not an ICC ES evaluated walking deck system. No evidence exists to show that it is Class A fire retardant


Fifteen Year Old Mer-Kote Deck System Repaired and Ready for Another Fifteen

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The homes in San Luis Bay Estates are in a micro-climate zone that gives decks up there a run for their money. In summer it can get very hot, with temps exceeding 90 degrees some days. In winter, the cold settles in the canyons. With rain and it’s extremes, these decks need some TLC now and then.

That was the case with this home on Foxen Canyon; the 15 year old Mer-Kote deck system was in pretty good shape except where sun on one part of the deck along with the expansion and contraction from heat and cold caused regular old common nails securing the plywood substrate underneath to pull out. In today’s deck building methods screws are preferred with ring shank nails being used as well.

This deck needed some repairs at the areas where nails were popping through (about 26 nails were removed and replaced) and at several flashing laps where poor nailing allowed the laps to crack the coating.

For less than $500 and 2 partial days of work I was able to fix all the nail pops, float out one area where water ponded and I fixed the cracked flashing laps and clean and resealed the deck. No one else can do the work I can for the prices I charge. Maintenance and repairs for $500 or less. I’m not licensed but per CSLB exemption I can fix and repair decks when the labor and materials are $500 or less. Call me, Bill Leys at 801-2380 for a quote on your deck issues. Don’t let small issues become big problems, get them fixed fast with me, the Deck Expert.


Cracked Deck on Beachfront Cayucos Home Fixed For Summer Enjoyment

The owner of a beachfront home in Cayucos noticed a crack in the coating of his deck. He called after being referred to me by Life Deck/Life Paint of Santa Fe Springs.

My inspection found a urethane coating over a metal lath/concrete base coat. A small crack had allowed water to intrude into the lath which rusted and expanded, causing the crack to get bigger. The owner knew he had to act quickly to prevent more damage what with the rain coming this past Thursday.

I opened the cracked coating and peeled back the damaged area, exposing the plywood which was still in good condition. There was some evidence of moist wood underneath which was allowed to dry for a few hours. I installed new metal lath and Life Deck cement to patch and fill the area where the bad materials were removed, then applied a fiberglass/resin waterproofing over that.

With the cracked area addressed, I then applied a skip trowel finish over the whole deck and sealed it using Life Deck deck sealer.

Now the deck is patched and ready for summer fun, and was fixed for less than $500.00!

I can fix your deck too, call today for a free estimate.

Job Profile-Maintaining Desert Crete Decking

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Our latest job was performed recently in Morro Bay, cleaning and resealing four decks on four rental units.

These decks got Desert Crete installed on them apx 3-4 years ago and are performing perfectly. After some use though they were ready to clean, inspect and reseal. These decks cost less to own than our competitors and will last longer too.

Total cost to reseal, less than $450.00. Call today for a price on sealing your deck. 801-2380.

New Article By CCW’s Bill Leys is Published by Professional Deck Builder Magazine

I’m proud to announce the publication of my latest article, this one in Professional Deck Builder Magazine, a Hanley Wood publication.

Building Roof Decks Over Living Spaces by Bill Leys
Building Roof Decks Over Living Spaces by Bill Leys

My company specializes in repairing and waterproofing failed balconies, stairs, and roof decks, so I see on a near-daily basis the results of water intrusion into wood framing, especially in mass-produced housing. The costs can be astronomical: For example, recently a simple $3,800 deck repair turned into a $120,000 project, thanks to dry-rot damage to the framing, shear walls, and decks.

Read the rest here and you can also download it free!