House Sale Stays on Track With Deck Repairs By Central Coast Waterproofing

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The house on San Diego Loop in Grover Beach was in escrow; a home inspection revealed a entry deck with some leaks and the coating was splitting along the plywood seams. The sale was contingent on repairs being made to the deck.

Another contractor quoted the owner a ridiculous price, maybe thinking they’d take advantage of the seller in a crisis? This seller was savvy though and went looking for options. Through the magic of Google, they found me on a search for deck repairs.

My inspection found that repairs and a restoration of the deck was necessary-the old urethane was in relatively good condition and just needed to be patched and re textured and painted Due to weather delays, the repairs took a few extra days to get done, but the buyers saw the seller was diligent in getting the deck repairs done and proceeded to close the sale. I was painting the deck the day before they moved in.

For $500 this sale was saved. I can fix your deck too, call today!

Paso Robles Deck Leak Fixed in Nick of Time Before This Weeks Storms!

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Out in the beautiful Paso Robles wine country near Pomar Junction is a hillside home that had a deck leak.

The owners had noticed a leak on their ceiling below last week after a rain storm sent water into their drywall ceiling. Their search on Google for deck repairs led them to Central Coast Waterproofing. I responded to their call and found that this deck had a Tufflex coating with a crack in it.

I opened the deck and discovered the reason for the crack, a failure to block the seams of abutting substrate. Blocking provides firm support for the plywood, when there isn’t any blocking, plywood seams can deflect under the weight of someone walking on it, allowing the coating to crack.

After opening the cracked area, I removed apx 8 square feet of wet damaged wood, exposing another hidden hazard-electric wires that weren’t in a box as code requires. An electrician fixed that up for the owner and I could continue the repairs.

I installed new blocking and glued & screwed the new plywood substrate to the joists and blocking. Using Life Deck brand waterproofing products, I was able to patch the deck to tie into the existing coating materials. The owners are very happy having a watertight deck again and even after the rain this past week they remain leak free for the New Year.

For less than $500 I can probably fix/patch your deck too. Don’t overpay for minor repairs or maintenance, call me, Bill Leys, the deck repair expert. I offer free initial inspections, free advice and low cost repairs. For convenience, I accept credit cards, cash and checks and I NEVER let you pay me until all work is done and you are 110% satisfied.

Fifteen Year Old Mer-Kote Deck System Repaired and Ready for Another Fifteen

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The homes in San Luis Bay Estates are in a micro-climate zone that gives decks up there a run for their money. In summer it can get very hot, with temps exceeding 90 degrees some days. In winter, the cold settles in the canyons. With rain and it’s extremes, these decks need some TLC now and then.

That was the case with this home on Foxen Canyon; the 15 year old Mer-Kote deck system was in pretty good shape except where sun on one part of the deck along with the expansion and contraction from heat and cold caused regular old common nails securing the plywood substrate underneath to pull out. In today’s deck building methods screws are preferred with ring shank nails being used as well.

This deck needed some repairs at the areas where nails were popping through (about 26 nails were removed and replaced) and at several flashing laps where poor nailing allowed the laps to crack the coating.

For less than $500 and 2 partial days of work I was able to fix all the nail pops, float out one area where water ponded and I fixed the cracked flashing laps and clean and resealed the deck. No one else can do the work I can for the prices I charge. Maintenance and repairs for $500 or less. I’m not licensed but per CSLB exemption I can fix and repair decks when the labor and materials are $500 or less. Call me, Bill Leys at 801-2380 for a quote on your deck issues. Don’t let small issues become big problems, get them fixed fast with me, the Deck Expert.


Stairway to Commercial Condo Readied For El Nino

With all the news lately about the weather phenomenon known as El Nino, people with roof decks and stairs that are waterproofed have been getting nervous lately. Are my waterproofed stairs or deck really waterproof they ask themselves?

Here at Central Coast Waterproofing, I am ready to help you, just as I helped our latest client. My latest repair and maintenance job was on a commercial condo unit in San Luis Obispo. The plywood stairs were urethane coated and they were showing some wear and tear. A couple splits in these coatings can allow water to leak in.

The client had me repair the splits in the coating, then I cleaned the stairs and landings thoroughly and then applied a new textured finish to them. This helps to isolate the urethane away from damaging UV and keep it protected.

After the texture cured, the stairs were sealed with a deck sealer and now they look brand new.

You can afford to fix your stairs, decks and balconies.  For less than $500, I can repair your leaks, replace a drain, fix cracks and upgrade the look of your deck or stairs too.

Call today before the rains come. 805-801-2380 and ask for Bill.


All redone, the stairs look nice, are waterproof and slip resistant. All work done was for less than $500.


After covering the walls with paper, I spray a concrete textured finish on the stairs.


Old stairs looking ratty and in need of some TLC.

Simple Stair Upgrade

Do you have concrete or waterproof stairs that are plain looking or really ugly? Would you like to improve their appearance simply and affordably?

Well you can with our stair and entry renovation! Check out these pics of a stair and landing on our latest project…the before and after is unbelievable. For less than $500 I can improve your entry patio, stairs or sidewalk.




So get your stairs, entry patio or sidewalk looking good for less than $500 with our decorative overlay system. Call today for an appointment. 805-801-2380 and ask for Bill.

Decorative overlay systems are easy to maintain, improve the look of your home, add value and are “one of a kind” unique pieces of work.

Browse our gallery and follow us on Pinterest. for more decorative deck finishes, furniture ideas, railings and deck accessories.

Replacing Leaking Deck Drains in Pismo Beach

A homeowner in Pismo Beach noticed a leak into their dining room ceiling after it rained recently. Their deck above had two drains where they noticed the coating was cracked and heaved. Fearing further damage, they acted quickly and contacted Central Coast Waterproofing for an inspection.

The owners were relieved to learn that the drains could be replaced and the deck repaired inexpensively and quickly. I ordered up two drains from Thunderbird Products in El Cajon CA and began our work.

I opened the deck drains to find an old style drain that slipped down into the ABS pipe, a type of drain that over some years can leak due to a lack of a positive seal and it is prone to rusting. The old drains were replaced in a few hours, positive sealing achieved with hose clamps on the rubber locking boot that fits the new drains.

The old decking system was in good shape and I integrated new materials to the existing, retexturing the deck to blend in with the existing finish.

The deck repairs were completed in two days time, allowing for materials to cure properly and the deck was resealed to blend everything back together with Life Deck pigmented deck sealer.

Total cost was less than $500.00 for the repairs…don’t delay, I can repair your deck for less!