Dex-O-Tex Deck on Shell Beach Home Restored in Time For Summer

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An 80’s era home on Seaview Ave in Shell Beach with a great ocean view deck has a     Dex-O-Tex slip sheet deck system on it. It was well worn with time and use, the paint was missing in many areas, nail pops were compromising the waterproofing and it was ready for repairs and maintenance.

One contractor told the owner that it had to go and a new system installed would be over $8,000. Then the owners found Central Coast Waterproofing on the web. They saw I specialize in restoring and maintaining decks and asked me to inspect their deck.

My inspection found a decking system that although worn, was easily restorable. Sure I said, nail pops can be fixed, body coat material replaced, then I can sand and clean the deck and repaint it for you.

How much they asked? $500 or less I replied.

And for $498, I fixed the nail pops, applied a new smoothing coat to damaged areas, sanded and cleaned the deck and applied 2 coats of deck sealer to the surface.

Don’t get bamboozled by a salesperson whose goal is to pump you for your money; I can fix many problems and restore your deck for less than $500.

Call Bill today  at 805-801-2380 for a quote on your deck problems.

Leak Under Sliding Door Gets Fixed

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A recent job of mine took place over in Shell Beach with a client who had a leak coming in at her sliding door. The maintenance person she had had the right idea on trying to patch the door area, but didn’t quite know how to do that and with what materials.

I was able to come up with a solution that will patch the leak and get the deck through til spring when more substantial repairs can be undertaken.

By hiring the right expert on deck waterproofing repairs, the owner was able to get the problem solved quickly and economically for less than $300.

Get your deck problems solved quickly and economically; this winter is already taking it’s toll. Avoid dry-rot problems, wet ceilings and painting projects-call Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at 801-2380 now for a free quote on your deck repair needs!