Job Profile-Waterproofing an Elevator Pit in Avila Beach With Kryton’s T1/T2 Krystol System

There’s nothing glamorous about waterproofing elevator pits; it’s dirty work and decidedly dull as far as the actual work itself. But owners of elevators can’t have water in their mechanical area pits under the elevator, that could potentially cause damage to very expensive equipment.

The difficulty in waterproofing elevator pits when the building is first being built and concrete is being poured is often under estimated by a general contractor. They often don’t get the waterproofing contractor involved and thus waterproofing is a secondary thought…

When water enters an elevator pit, few waterproofing contractors can fix the leaky devils…but we can fix them.

For our latest project we found a leaking elevator pit in Avila Beach. Close to the shore, the ocean has been known to appear in poorly waterproofed lower levels of buildings over here. This project is a perfect fit for Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing.

This project was pretty straightforward, we prepared the concrete surfaces of the pit with grinders and chipped out all the bug holes in the concrete. Holes were filled with Kryton’s T1 mix and Baricote.

After curing overnight, the next day we wet the walls down for the purpose of activating the Kryton, then we applied Kryton T1 on the walls and floor of the pit. Allowing that to cure overnight, we wet down the walls and floor and applied Kryton T2 over the T1 to finish the job.

We then wet cured the walls and floor with water sprayed 2x daily on the areas treated with Kryton.

Next time the sea tries to get in, it will find a new barrier to entry-Kryton’s Crystalline Waterproofing, Permanent everlasting waterproofing like no other.

Call us for a free estimate on your tough waterproofing needs. We can tackle what others let run by them.

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Job Profile-Cambria Home With White Water Views Suffering From Rubber Deck Blues is Saved By Desert Crete

Cambria contractors and home owners are rapidly waking up to face the fact that rubber decking-Granite Deck, Urethanes, Tufflex, Pacific Polymers, etc. are NOT holding up well after only a few years in the sun. An onslaught of clients dissatisfied with the local rubber deck waterproofing applicators have contacted Central Coast Waterproofing seeking solutions to bad rubber decking.

Common complaints about rubber decks range from rough on bare feet, hard to clean and easily damaged to lack of response from local applicator, splitting at seams and ponding water from low spots that weren’t addressed.

Our latest project in Cambria is on Emmons; a large roof deck with expansive views had urethane decking that was splitting at the seams.

Unfortunately once splits start to develop, it’s indicative of the rubber decking having been burned up by UV exposure. Once the seams start to split, the damage to the decking is irreversible. The deck has to be done over again. The only question is do you do it over in rubber again or seek a better solution?

This home owner sought out a better solution, and found it with Desert Crete installed by Central Coast Waterproofing. Being concrete based and  reinforced by metal lath and a secondary layer of fiberglass, Desert Crete resists UV damage like no other rubberized system can.

Lucky for this owner the plywood deck was in decent condition to re use. We applied Desert Crete directly over the old failing system after replacing the flashing in the walls that had failed in several areas, allowing water intrusion after only  six years.

Desert Crete has given this deck new life that will resist UV, water, ordinary wear and tear like no other system does.

Let me show you why Desert Crete can’t be beat when it comes to durability, good looks, easy maintenance and long life.

Call me, Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at 805-545-8300 for a free evaluation of your next project. You can buy cheaper coatings, but you can’t buy better coatings than Desert Crete.

New Kryton Video-Repair Concrete Cracks Permanently with Krystol

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Our friends at Kryton have had a great video made that explains the benefits of Kryton over traditional waterproofing membranes. Let us show you why we are a big fan of Kryton and use their products over nearly every other when we have a say in the matter.

Architects and designers agree, integral waterproofing that eliminates membranes that can fail is the best way to go. Kryton solves problems that membranes can’t and other negative side waterproofing products have lots of downsides taht make them a poor choice.

Let Central Coast Waterproofing solve your water intrusion problems through concrete with Kryton. In the lab, In the Field, By Our Side…

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From Kryton-How NOT to Waterproof Concrete

Concrete block wall with leaks
Concrete block wall with leaks


From our friends at Kryton comes this article by Sarah Rippin.

How NOT to Waterproof Concrete

28th May 2013 Concrete Best Practices by Sarah Rippin

Concrete structures have been using concrete waterproofing since the first structural leak was discovered. Since then, the industry has been quickly evolving, and improving best practices with new technologies coming to light on a regular basis.

As there are many ways to waterproof a structure, depending on the unique situation, there are just a few basic guidelines of how NOT to waterproof that can apply to any concrete waterproofing situation.

1)     Inadequate research

Waterproofing concrete has been an evolving industry, and many techniques have been vastly improved upon compared to years past. Using the same practices over and over, without exploring newer technologies, may be doing a disservice to the integrity of your project.

Best Practice: Using the best product for the structures use, as it is meant to be used.

2)     Letting cost be the final deciding factor in which product is used

Sometimes the cheapest option actually ends up being more costly as the application may be difficult or time-consuming.

Read the rest by clicking here

We agree, letting cost be your guide in selecting a product will probably end up costing you more later than what it would cost to do it right to begin with. Unfortunately, some will cut costs on waterproofing to spend more on pretty things that either get damaged or gets ripped out when the building begins to leak.


Job Profile-We Left Our Desert Crete in San Francisco…

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With a playful play on a Tony Bennett classic, we left our Desert Crete on some decks in  the Diamond Heights neighborhood of San Francisco this week.

The decks have dry-rot and improper slope to them, so they need to be rebuilt, sloped and sheeted with plywood. Then we come and apply Desert Crete decking giving the client an investment grade system that lasts and lasts while rebuffing abuse.

Our latest job is for a large apartment and condo rehab contractor; it’s our fifth project so far with this firm after being hired over a local contractor who wasn’t performing as expected.

We believe in creating relationships that last; when we partner with your firm, you’ll get the service you require to keep your clients happy. See why this unnamed firm calls us in from 200+ miles away to perform their work throughout the Bay area.

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Pacific Builders of SLO Awards Waterproofing Contract to CCW For Avila Beach Project

Looks good, but leaks underneath need fixin’

We are proud to announce that we were awarded the contract to waterproof stem walls of a garage as well as the elevated plywood covered driveway/deck of a home in Avila Beach by Pacific Builders of San Luis Obispo.

The job entail using Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing on the stem walls abutting an adjoining property that is at a higher elevation, causing runoff from the property to intrude through the walls and into framing on the other side.

Kryton is perfect for jobs like this as it can waterproof concrete on both the positive and the negative sides.

The deck waterproofing for the driveway will use the Mer-Kote ARC below grade waterproofing system with fabric reinforcement and sheet metal flashing, combined with Schluter Troba drain mat with a 3″ concrete driveway overburden poured on top.

The work is scheduled to begin in early June. Watch for pictures!

Oakland Zoo’s Torako and Her New Tiger Friends To Frolic in Exhibit Pool Waterproofed With Kryton

Tigers and Leaks and Waterproofing Oh My!

The Oakland Zoo is redoing their Tiger Exhibit; one tiger, Torako, is currently living at the Zoo, a circus rescue kitty…(please, if your getting a new pet, adopt at your local shelter!)

and Torako will have more company coming to join her in the exhibit in a month or so. Four more cats are coming!

With 5 big cats and one small waterfall and pool, there won’t be room for all.

Enter Kryton and Central Coast Waterproofing. When the Zoo called Kryton inquiring about waterproofing an old concrete pool that was cracked and leaking and unused for years because of the leaks, Kryton forwarded the lead to their local distributor, Hill Brothers Chemical Company.

Once the lead came into Hill Brothers, they needed to tap a contractor who loved challenges and knew the Kryton system.  Who else but Central Coast Waterproofing? My salesman called and asked if we’d be interested in looking at the job. After hearing about the job and the Big Cats needs for a pool of water (I love Big Cats) we volunteered immediately to donate our labor for the kitty cats pool waterproofing.

On Wednesday  September 14th, we’ll be packing up and heading to the zoo for the job…in a couple days we’ll have the pool fixed up right and holding water using Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing technology.

Head on over to Oakland Zoo’s Facebook page and “Like” Them…consider donating a little money to the Zoo too!

Torako, a circus rescue, needs a pool to swim in!

Watch in the next couple weeks for pics of the job, and in a month, pics of the tigers frolicking in their pool!

Whether you need waterproofing for your own kitty cat pool or for a any project requiring waterproofing, consider Kryton and Central Coast Waterproofing.

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