Thank You Note From Client

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We opened our mail yesterday to find a check for the balance on a job we just completed in Cambria on Lancaster along with this nice note from the client.

They love their Desert Crete deck and the way it looks. They will love how easy it is to maintain, clean and own…

Find out why homeowners from Cambria to Santa Barbara are switching to Desert Crete and leaving their old rubber decks behind…

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American Plywood Association’s Plywood Spacing Recommendations

Direct from APA’s website…

APA recommends a 1/8-inch space between panel edge and end joints. Plywood and oriented strand board (OSB), like all wood products, will expand or shrink slightly with changes in moisture content. If the wood structural panels are tightly butted, there is no room for expansion and buckling can occur. That can mean costly, time-consuming callbacks. To assure best performance, follow these panel spacing and nailing recommendations for APA Rated Sheathing, APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor®, and APA Rated Siding.

Spacing Hint: Use a 10d box nail to gauge 1/8-inch spacing between panels. Spacer-type panel edge clips may also be used for roof sheathing applications.


Panel spacing is an APA RECOMMENDATION, to provide installers with a means of minimizing the potential for panel buckling; however, it is not a requirement. (NO EXCEPTION FOR DECKS!!!) Some manufacturers may require a space at the time of installation. Panel buckling may be an aesthetic or serviceability issue but is not a structural deficiency. There is no reason to expect this recommended space to be maintained when the panel becomes acclimated. Gaps that were initially present may have closed due to normal moisture-related expansion. If the flatness of sheathing or flooring panels is acceptable, APA would generally recommend that any finish flooring, siding or roofing be installed as planned regardless of whether gaps are present.


Rain is Coming-Get Your Deck Inspected and Fixed NOW Before It Gets Here

Without fail every winter when it starts to rain we get (pun intended) deluged in phone calls when owners of roof decks discover their roof deck leaks.

For some who are lucky, they get a wet spot on their ceiling and not much else…their deck gets fixed or replaced and they go happily on with their lives, blissfully unaware of how narrowly they missed being the next victim of mother nature.

At least once each winter rain season we see a horror story of epic proportions. A few years ago it was an owner on vacation, when they came home they found their 2000 square feet of oak floors all warped and water damaged…their deck drain had clogged with leaves, the deck filled up with water and the only escape point was their sliding door, where water overflowed into the house and down the walls and into the first floor oak floors. I hear they still have a lot of oak kindling wood they use to start fires in their fireplace…

A couple years before that, a house in Shell Beach had a roof deck up top…when the owners put a glass railing around the walls of the deck to stop the wind, the laws of unintended consequences kicked in.  Again, another on vacation horror story…while the owners were away, the strong coastal winds we get here caused the walls to crack, it rained and the cracked walls allowed a lot of water to enter the house.                     The owners came home to find their ceiling on the floor.

Others have experienced similar horror stories, they have suffered tens of thousands of dollars in damages from small leaks that caused framing damage…and much of it could be avoided or mitigated by simply having an inspection done on their deck.

Decks don’t just suddenly fail one day, they have been slowly degrading for years before they visibly start leaking. Our professional eye can find the small clues that can be the cause of so much damage. Let Central Coast Waterproofing do a free inspection and assessment of your deck this fall before winter gets here.

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Job Profile-View Deck of Actress’ Ocean Front Home in Ventura Gets Pampered With Desert Crete

Imagine if TMZ focused on the dry-rot and waterproofing failures that movie and music stars homes suffer from…headlines like “Actor’s Home in Dry-Rot Hell” and “Tile Deck Failure Sends Star’s Home to Rehab” would be splashed on the website. Instead they focus on the drab boring lives of the stars and they rake in millions doing so.

And so TMZ has abdicated their job of reporting on the tawdry details of the dry-rot and bad waterproofing details  lurking in stars homes and decks to us…

Our  latest project was done with a local Ojai/Ventura contractor, JM Johnston Construction, who services many ocean front properties in the area. This home we worked on is in Ventura on the coast in a private gated enclave off Seacliff Drive.

The owner had a waterproof deck that was tiled over. The tile installer put tile on a deck that blocked up weep screed on the stucco, causing water damage in the wall cavity. The tile also blocked critical edge drain areasat a glass railing area, forcing water into the wood deck below. After repairs were done   by JM Johnston Construction, we were retained to waterproof the deck.

Johhny Johnston has used us before and is quite familiar with our Desert Crete system. He knows the value of using the best products installed by the best contractors will far exceed the risk and liability of costs of damage from inferior products installed by questionable companies. Johnny can’t  afford to risk his name and reputation on properties like this one with a high profile owner who demands the best.

We installed stainless steel flashings and door pans around the edges of the deck. Stainless is about the only metal that will survive being right on the ocean. This home is so close to the ocean that on windy days and rough seas crashing in, sea spray will hit the home and deck!

Our Desert Crete decking system is a perfect foil to the weather that will be thrown at this deck; Desert Crete is a rugged and tough system that isolates the metal lath from water contact via a fiberglass layer. With jobs like this we also reduce the risk of water contact by using Panzer mesh over the stainless flashings instead of metal lath.  Panzer mesh acts as lath for the concrete to adhere to but being synthetic, won’t rust in the unlikely event of water intrusion.

This Desert Crete system was finished simply yet elegantly with a knockdown trowel finish and we used Life Paint’s 10 series concrete sealer to give the owner a custom color over our standard color offerings.

With the deck all done, now new railings will go in and this home will be back and ready for entertaining at the water’s edge. Find out why your next deck job should be done by the “Waterproofer to the Stars” – Central Coast  Waterproofing.

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Job Profile-Waterproofing an Elevator Pit in Avila Beach With Kryton’s T1/T2 Krystol System

There’s nothing glamorous about waterproofing elevator pits; it’s dirty work and decidedly dull as far as the actual work itself. But owners of elevators can’t have water in their mechanical area pits under the elevator, that could potentially cause damage to very expensive equipment.

The difficulty in waterproofing elevator pits when the building is first being built and concrete is being poured is often under estimated by a general contractor. They often don’t get the waterproofing contractor involved and thus waterproofing is a secondary thought…

When water enters an elevator pit, few waterproofing contractors can fix the leaky devils…but we can fix them.

For our latest project we found a leaking elevator pit in Avila Beach. Close to the shore, the ocean has been known to appear in poorly waterproofed lower levels of buildings over here. This project is a perfect fit for Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing.

This project was pretty straightforward, we prepared the concrete surfaces of the pit with grinders and chipped out all the bug holes in the concrete. Holes were filled with Kryton’s T1 mix and Baricote.

After curing overnight, the next day we wet the walls down for the purpose of activating the Kryton, then we applied Kryton T1 on the walls and floor of the pit. Allowing that to cure overnight, we wet down the walls and floor and applied Kryton T2 over the T1 to finish the job.

We then wet cured the walls and floor with water sprayed 2x daily on the areas treated with Kryton.

Next time the sea tries to get in, it will find a new barrier to entry-Kryton’s Crystalline Waterproofing, Permanent everlasting waterproofing like no other.

Call us for a free estimate on your tough waterproofing needs. We can tackle what others let run by them.

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Job Profile-Cambria Home With White Water Views Suffering From Rubber Deck Blues is Saved By Desert Crete

Cambria contractors and home owners are rapidly waking up to face the fact that rubber decking-Granite Deck, Urethanes, Tufflex, Pacific Polymers, etc. are NOT holding up well after only a few years in the sun. An onslaught of clients dissatisfied with the local rubber deck waterproofing applicators have contacted Central Coast Waterproofing seeking solutions to bad rubber decking.

Common complaints about rubber decks range from rough on bare feet, hard to clean and easily damaged to lack of response from local applicator, splitting at seams and ponding water from low spots that weren’t addressed.

Our latest project in Cambria is on Emmons; a large roof deck with expansive views had urethane decking that was splitting at the seams.

Unfortunately once splits start to develop, it’s indicative of the rubber decking having been burned up by UV exposure. Once the seams start to split, the damage to the decking is irreversible. The deck has to be done over again. The only question is do you do it over in rubber again or seek a better solution?

This home owner sought out a better solution, and found it with Desert Crete installed by Central Coast Waterproofing. Being concrete based and  reinforced by metal lath and a secondary layer of fiberglass, Desert Crete resists UV damage like no other rubberized system can.

Lucky for this owner the plywood deck was in decent condition to re use. We applied Desert Crete directly over the old failing system after replacing the flashing in the walls that had failed in several areas, allowing water intrusion after only  six years.

Desert Crete has given this deck new life that will resist UV, water, ordinary wear and tear like no other system does.

Let me show you why Desert Crete can’t be beat when it comes to durability, good looks, easy maintenance and long life.

Call me, Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at 805-545-8300 for a free evaluation of your next project. You can buy cheaper coatings, but you can’t buy better coatings than Desert Crete.

Job Profile-Maintaining Mer-Kote Decks and Stairs for Chapel Lane HOA in Ventura

Central Coast Waterproofing just completed the repairs and repainting of 8 decks and 8 stair cases to a Community Association in Ventura. The attached units have Mer-Kote decking on them, which requires maintenance approximately every 3-5 years to them.

These decks had gone a bit past their due date to reseal them when we were contacted by EKAM, Inc. a Community Association management firm that managed the community. We inspected the decks and stairs and listened to the issues presented by the Board-stairs could be slippery in times of  rain and morning dew and the decks had some issues with cracks.  We found that the material on the decks and stairs is the Mer-Kote Weatherdeck system.  We submitted a bid and learned that we were awarded the contract.

We cleaned and repaired the decks, some had some cracks, others nail pops and some had damage from abuse. The stairs were textured and painted to provide a slip resistant flooring.

As promised the whole project was completed in 7 work days-eight decks and eight stairs. The crew worked hard to finish the work, staying on the last day until nearly 8 pm to finish the last staircase off.

The community is happy because they have completed a task that iisn’t always fun but maintenance is a necessity to keep their decks and stair coatings from needing replacement.

Maintain your Mer-Kote brand decks and stairs with Central Coast Waterproofing, an authorized applicator of              Mer-Kote pedestrian traffic coating systems.

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