Job Profile-Faux Flagstone Finished Deck Wins Project of the Month From

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I am pleased to say that a decorative faux finished flagstone deck project we recently completed has been selected as October’s Project of the Month by Concrete Construction! See it featured here at this link–sealed.aspx.

Our latest project began as repairs to one deck that had cracks in it. It expanded to include 3 other decks when the owners decided they wanted faux decorative surfaces that had faded updated as well.

To begin the project we opened cracks and repaired them. Using a Blastrac portable 110v DE-Z8 shotblaster we removed the old finish. After weighing the dustless vac, we found that almost 125 pounds of concrete was in our bin!

With the decks prepped for new coating, we applied Hill Brothers Desert Flex fiberglass reinforced deck waterproofing system. Waterproofing taken care of, we turned next to the decorative finish.

The Concrete Floor Store, our decorative flooring showroom had Universal Templates, Inc samples of various stone finishes. The clients selected flagstone for the shape. Several different stain colors from different companies stain color palettes were reviewed, and Life Deck stains from Life Paint were selected.

Using stamps supplied by Pro-Line, we stamped the deck over the templates with a Roman Slate stone pattern.

The decks were stained 2x and then we removed the templates and stained the whole deck again, bringing a deep rich color out.

Protecting the finish is Hill Brothers Desert Brand clear water based sealer.

The decks look great and compliment the homes exterior.

For a winning look contact Central Coast Waterproofing today for your decorative finish needs. The Concrete Floor Store has many different finishes and products available for you to choose from.

Call me, Bill Leys direct at 805-545-8300 today for a free estimate on your next project.

Summers Here and The Concrete Is Getting HOT! Keep it Cool With NewLook!

Concrete absorbs heat. Add dark colors to it and you can increase the surface temperature by 100° F. Ouch! This heat absorption in concrete is what contributes to the “urban heat island effect” causing hotter air temperatures in urban locations than surrounding rural areas.

Use CoolStain™ PRO to keep your concrete cooler. It’s a patent-pendingpolymer-modified, water-based, premium concrete color stain. CoolStain PRO is made especially for use with existing, unsealed, exterior, concrete surfaces.CoolStain PRO is NOT a paint. It penetrates the surface of porous concrete and forms an opaque (solid), and breathable finish that requires no sealer. As its name implies, CoolStain’s patent-pending infrared reflective technology minimizes heat build-up of concrete surfaces exposed to sunlight, reducing the temperature by up to 50° F!

Californian’s love the heat of summer…the warm nights and days keep our spirits up and loving life!

The only thing we don’t love about hot days is our tender feet getting cooked on that slab of hot concrete patio or the the pool deck…

That’s where we come in-Central Coast Waterproofing can apply coatings that decorate your concrete and at the same time,  reduce the temperatures by 20 degrees! That’s right, up to 20 degrees cooler than a slab ‘o concrete that’s not treated!

Keep your feet and temper cool with our line of stains and sealers that REDUCE surface temperatures.

Call today for a free estimate on your cool stain job…805-545-8300



Job Profile-Walnut Creek Decks Get Mer-Kote Waterproofing Under 3000#’s of Concrete Overburden

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Our latest job took us to Walnut Creek, a few miles east of Oakland/Berkeley. The aging apartment complex has side by side decks with a privacy wall in between, covered with a 2″ thick concrete overburden. The old hot mop underneath had failed, dried up from heat and time evaporating the oil based material and allowing water to intrude into the framing.

The general contractor had to perform substantial repairs to the framing before we could do any waterproofing. Beams, joists and plywood all had to be replaced when the hidden damage was discovered during demolition.

After the repairs had all been made, the flashings installed and the decks were ready for us, we installed Mer-Kote  ARC under tile waterproofing with reinforcement on the flashings and the horizontal surfaces.

As the concrete on top is not being waterproofed, we then installed a drain mat from Schluter, called Troba, that allows water to drain freely off the deck under the concrete. After the Troba is laid down, we cut and fit reinforcing wire for the concrete to be poured on top.

Then the concrete truck and pumper arrived and we began the process of pumping 3000#’s of concrete  30 feet high and spread it out and troweled out to a broom finished walking surface. Quite the day moving that mud around!

The deck is completed and  now is ready again for the tenants to use for their outdoor summer enjoyment.

Give your property the best in waterproofing and decking with Mer-Kote and Central Coast Waterproofing.

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Add Some Flair to Your Home With a Pattern!

Is your deck or sidewalk padding to your front door boring and looking yucky?

Central Coast Waterproofing can easily provide decorative concrete finishes over your existing deck or concrete slab.

Take boring to WOW with polymer modified cements that bond tenaciously to properly prepped old surfaces. No need to tear out old work, we can upgrade your entry, driveway, garage floor or patio with the latest decorative concrete products available today from New Look, Westcoat, Life Deck and many more.

Interior and exterior concrete flooring can be stamped, stained, polished and easily and affordably made into a work of art that is the new rage! Concrete floors, decorative concrete, epoxy floors…we do it and with our Deco-Con Concrete Visualizer software, we can easily show you on our computer screen what your project could look like.
Call today for a free estimate on your decorative flooring project.
Ask for Bill Leys at 805-545-8300

Got a bid already from Burch, Stampman or a decorative concrete contractor? We’ll beat any local price for the same scope of work and materials.

Job Profile-Big or Small, We Stamp ‘Em All

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Imagine that you go away for a few days over Christmas. You turned off the hot water heater, the gas, just in case right?

What you forgot to do was clean the deck outside your bedroom of leaves and debris. While you were away, it rained. And rained some more. When you got back, you found your beautiful oak floors ruined downstairs as you get home, water everywhere. The drain on the deck had clogged with leaves, the “overflow” that was installed all those years back wasn’t connected properly and sent water down into the house instead of out into the yard.

Flash forward 7 months later after dealing with the insurance company. (True story, almost 7 months)

After all that, finally Central Coast Waterproofing came in after the deck waterproofing, tile and underlayment was torn out, the plywood replaced and the deck was treated to new bonderized flashings, a Thunderbird deck drain with brass grate and a Thunderbird overflow connected with ABS out to the ground, just in case of another overflow event.

Desert Crete decking was installed as the waterproofing system and then,

The owners decided to have a stamped finish put down. This stamp pattern is Appian Stone, or “Old World Cobblestone” in some circles. The deck was stamped, then we stained it with Superkrete stain and sealed it with Desert Brand.

This deck is now well protected against water and the elements and the drain and overflow properly installed will let the owners sleep well in the future.

For peace of mind call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300.

We stamp concrete pool decks, sidewalks, decks and balconies, over plywood too!

Central Coast Waterproofing’s Picture Album Is On Facebook-A Step by Step To How We Stamp Over Existing Concrete

Improve Your Property's Appearance
Improve Your Property's Appearance

Are you thinking of jack-hammering  that old gray concrete slab in the back yard out to put in pavers or pour a new slab? How does your pool deck look? Worn and boring? Want to upgrade the look of your pool, patio or deck inexpensively without the hassles and noise of demo’ing it all out?

Then consider the alternative-thin stamping over the existing slab with Central Coast Waterproofing’s talented staff.

We can fix the cracks on the deck, hiding them (or sometimes we make them part of the decor). We can re-slope your low spots where puddles form every time it rains…We can make your ugly gray concrete slab come alive!

Take a look at our photo album we posted on our Facebook page and see how we transform a plain deck into a tiled/stamped overlay that grabs your attention.

While you are there, “Like” us and if you have us do any concrete stamping work, when we hand you our bill, make sure you let us know you are our “Friend” and I’ll deduct 2% off…but this offer is only for FRIENDS who “LIKE” us. Offer expires May 1st. No other discounts apply.

First Look at a Stamped & Stained Faux Tile Finish Over Desert Crete Decking




Earlier we announced our selection as sub contractor to Cal Building & Maintenance to install Desert Crete to a 3500 sq foot roof deck.
After a lot of work installing the waterproofing and stucco,  we certainly are proud that the deck succesfully passed an ardous water test from all the rain we got in the last couple weeks.
Now finally with the return of warmer weather we are stamping and staining a faux tile finish using Desert Crete texture with Super- krete stains over a taped out tile pattern.
Here is a pic to see the final finish…next we will clear seal the finished deck using Desert Brand clear CMFPS.

Be sure to call Bill at Central Coast Waterproofing for your stamped concrete,  acid staining, epoxy or concrete coatings at 805-545-8300. Free estimates and quality work.