Buying/Selling a Home With Waterproof Decks? We Are Now Offering Deck Inspection Services

We don’t inspect homes, we only inspect waterproof decks-roof decks, balcony decks, stairs/landings, anything with a waterproof pedestrian traffic coating.

HI’s-if your inspection finds questionable deck issues, refer them to us for an inspection.

Buyers-if the home you are buying has decks, you should strongly consider having a specialized inspection done.

Why? Many decks have deficiencies that Home Inspectors don’t always recognize of understand the severity of.

Consider this recent example of a buyer who did not insist on repairs to a roof deck before closing, settling instead for a reduction of the selling price for $3,000 based upon an estimate.

After closing the buyer moved ahead with repairs to the deck, only to discover the hidden damage within the stucco covered walls of the roof deck.The rotted wood and fungus infestations went all the way down to the ground from the roof. Over $120,000 in hidden damages exist on this home in Shell Beach.

A second example is a client in Ventura in contract for a $1.6 million dollar property who had us do a secondary inspection of the decks upon the recommendation of the Home Inspector. Our inspection found significant issues with an estimated cost of $140,000 to repair, that enabled the prospective purchaser to make an offer that brought the price down.

Our third example is a seller who had us inspect his decks before listing the property. The decks needed some work that caught a small amount of damage before it could turn into a large amount of damage. This also enabled the seller to simply disclose the repairs, we did a secondary inspection and the home inspector cleared the rest of the property after repairs were made and now the home sold at market price with a clean bill of health.

A small investment into performing due diligence can save thousands of dollars and the heartbreak and tension that goes along with it. Feel confident that your home, condo or commercial property’s decks have been professionally inspected.

Single Condo and Single family home deck Inspections cost just $350.00 in SLO County, $500.00 in Santa Barbara County, $600.00 in Ventura (for the travel time & gas) and you get a comprehensive visual inspection, written report, all complete with photograph’s documenting the site conditions.

Commercial and HOA’s should inquire for a quote.

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Thank You Note From Client

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We opened our mail yesterday to find a check for the balance on a job we just completed in Cambria on Lancaster along with this nice note from the client.

They love their Desert Crete deck and the way it looks. They will love how easy it is to maintain, clean and own…

Find out why homeowners from Cambria to Santa Barbara are switching to Desert Crete and leaving their old rubber decks behind…

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Job Profile-Everyone Loves Rubber Duckies, But No One Loves Rubber Decking…

Our latest job we just completed is fixing two rubber decks on a home in Cambria that were in Stage 1 of failing…Stage 5 being the deck is dead.

While we know everyone smiles and loves Rubber Duckies on their decks (or bath tub or pool or wherever…) everyone we meet with Rubber Decks from Santa Barbara Surfacing, Ron Murrell Waterproofing or DeckTech ends up hating their decks…

The litany of complaints for rubber decks runs from to hard to clean, rough on my bare feet, needs constant yearly maintenance to keep it alive…to the coating is splitting at the plywood seams to we have dryrot and leaks from it failing.

The simple facts are that rubber decks CAN’T resist UV rays for long without needing to be repainted…every year or two without fail, or the result will be they fail.

Like  cancer, rubber decks, once they split are just in a slow death spiral…the owners of this home in Cambria had their rubber deck for about 4 years and then had to have it fixed…then it started failing again…splits at the plywood seams. We came to inspect it after their general contractor recommended us.

We showed them our Desert Crete system, explained how the metal lath would help reinforce the deck and reduce plywood seam movement and most importantly reduce maintenance to inspecting every 3 years and repainting the deck every 3-5 years. The clients liked that and they liked the fact that Desert Crete is a Class A fire resistant coating that will better protect their home in case of fire. They also liked that Desert Crete is a bonafide Pedestrian Traffic Coating system where as Tufflex and NCS Granite Deck are not.  Click the link and see for yourself that Desert Crete is listed here and see what systems are not here…

After some plywood that was rotted was replaced by David Drew Construction, we came in and covered the existing rubber coated decks with Desert Crete. We stapled our lath right through the rubber coatings and applied our cement base coat, fiberglass and resin, a secondary protective coat of cement over the glass and then textured and painted the decks.

The owners love their new foot friendly decking and we think our  rubber duckie friends will love it too!

When your rubber decks have worn out their welcome, let us show you why Desert Crete can’t be beat. Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 today for a fast free estimate on your rubber deck replacement.


Our Latest Project-Cambria Home on Lancaster

Central Coast Waterproofing was just awarded the contract to fix the rubber coated decks on this home on Lancaster Street in Cambria.

The urethane coated deck, done by Ron Murrell Waterproofing several years ago, was slowly splitting at the plywood seams. The rubber coating they do is notorious for burning up in the sun unless it is frequently top coated with specialized UV resistant paint/sealant for urethane.

The owners were tired of paying to have the decks top coated  and with the continuing splits, looked to David Drew Construction for other options. Dave had seen us in action on several jobs he worked on and he recommended us over other local competitors.

We are installing Desert Crete over the two decks on this home. Watch for a job profile in the near future.

Need to fix your cracking rubber decks? Let Central Coast Waterproofing fix up your decks for this coming winters rains.

Call Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 today.

Job Profile-Cambria Home With White Water Views Suffering From Rubber Deck Blues is Saved By Desert Crete

Cambria contractors and home owners are rapidly waking up to face the fact that rubber decking-Granite Deck, Urethanes, Tufflex, Pacific Polymers, etc. are NOT holding up well after only a few years in the sun. An onslaught of clients dissatisfied with the local rubber deck waterproofing applicators have contacted Central Coast Waterproofing seeking solutions to bad rubber decking.

Common complaints about rubber decks range from rough on bare feet, hard to clean and easily damaged to lack of response from local applicator, splitting at seams and ponding water from low spots that weren’t addressed.

Our latest project in Cambria is on Emmons; a large roof deck with expansive views had urethane decking that was splitting at the seams.

Unfortunately once splits start to develop, it’s indicative of the rubber decking having been burned up by UV exposure. Once the seams start to split, the damage to the decking is irreversible. The deck has to be done over again. The only question is do you do it over in rubber again or seek a better solution?

This home owner sought out a better solution, and found it with Desert Crete installed by Central Coast Waterproofing. Being concrete based and  reinforced by metal lath and a secondary layer of fiberglass, Desert Crete resists UV damage like no other rubberized system can.

Lucky for this owner the plywood deck was in decent condition to re use. We applied Desert Crete directly over the old failing system after replacing the flashing in the walls that had failed in several areas, allowing water intrusion after only  six years.

Desert Crete has given this deck new life that will resist UV, water, ordinary wear and tear like no other system does.

Let me show you why Desert Crete can’t be beat when it comes to durability, good looks, easy maintenance and long life.

Call me, Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at 805-545-8300 for a free evaluation of your next project. You can buy cheaper coatings, but you can’t buy better coatings than Desert Crete.

CCW Awarded Projects in Cambria and Cayucos-Dying Urethane decks to be Replaced With Desert Crete

Central Coast Waterproofing recently signed two jobs; one in Cambria on Emmons and one in Cayucos on Studio Drive.

We’ll be installing Desert Crete, our preferred system of choice, over the failing urethane decking that is only a few years old on both homes. Lack of confidence in the existing system was one reason cited by the owner of the Studio Drive property; the urethane is splitting at the seams of the plywood and has lost it’s elasticity.

In Cambria our client has the exact same system and the exact same problem-split seams and a minor leak.

Interestingly enough, both jobs were done by the same contractor from Cambria; Ron Murrell Waterproofing.

We’ve found that urethane decks such as Polytuff, Tufflex, Gaco and the rest, have little tolerance for UV. Sun beating down on the decks all day burned up the sun block/paint on the decks and then burned up the non-UV resistant waterproofing underneath. Much like an elastic band on your car dashboard, UV will cause that elastic band to snap in the afternoon.

We don’t install urethanes for good reason, the Desert Crete system  is made of concrete and will not fail simply due to UV degradation. While Ron Murrell will beat us on price everyday, these owners recognized the value that Desert Crete provides.

When your property is too valuable to risk water intrusion from failing deck systems, or if you are building and want to start right, get the deck system that lasts. Desert Crete.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a fast free estimate.

Job Profile-You Otter Enjoy the Ocean Views From the Desert Crete Deck Installed at Mariner’s Inn!

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The aging Mariner’s Inn was showing it’s wrinkles. Sold off to a new investor, the motel underwent a quick redo for the summer season while plans are drawn for a new hotel to be built in a few years.

In the meantime, the main attraction, the second story view deck needed major repairs.

That started with a tear off of the old decking, down to framing. Repairs to the framing and sloping installed via rip strips and new plywood solved that problem.

We then flashed the deck edges, then we installed Desert Crete decking over the lath as it was put down to isolate it from any salt air.

Rick Low of Associated Development Services loves the new decking system. Desert Crete is Class A rated as a fire retardant deck, holds up against use and abuse and provides a cost effective waterproof roof over the lobby area too.

Desert Crete was selected as the best choice for this hotel over competing systems offered by local contractors. Let me show you why you should select Desert Crete too.

Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate today. 805-545-8300