Leak Under Sliding Door Gets Fixed

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A recent job of mine took place over in Shell Beach with a client who had a leak coming in at her sliding door. The maintenance person she had had the right idea on trying to patch the door area, but didn’t quite know how to do that and with what materials.

I was able to come up with a solution that will patch the leak and get the deck through til spring when more substantial repairs can be undertaken.

By hiring the right expert on deck waterproofing repairs, the owner was able to get the problem solved quickly and economically for less than $300.

Get your deck problems solved quickly and economically; this winter is already taking it’s toll. Avoid dry-rot problems, wet ceilings and painting projects-call Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at 801-2380 now for a free quote on your deck repair needs!




Job Profile-Repairs to Stairs Cheaper Than Replacement

A recent job we completed over the Christmas/New Years holiday was a simple repair of 3 cracked steps in Grover Beach on 14th St. The seven year old stairs have a metal lath/polymer modified concrete coating on them. These systems work well and hold up under abuse, but in this case, a poorly built stair framing job caused these to crack on the edges.

I was hired to perform the repairs, and for under $400 I opened three stairs, fixed the wood movement and patched the stairs back and resealed the steps and landing to look like new again with deck sealer.

Don’t over pay for simple repairs and maintenance-let me fix your waterproof decks and stairs for $500 or less.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 today for a quote on your deck repairs and maintenance. I can maintain and repair every system installed by our competitors, including DeckTech’s Granite Deck system (we have all the formula’s for color blends), California Coatings, Upper Level, Santa Barbara Surfacing and others.

Job Profile-Upgrading Two Ugly Decks Into Beautiful Swans (so to speak)

Our latest job was in Cambria last week, where for under $500 we sanded textured and repainted two decks on an home on Kerwin. The owners disliked their decks because they were hard to keep clean and the painted surface was peeling in a few areas.

On a referral from Michael Sullivan Construction, they called us to solve their problems. The decks weren’t leaking or causing problems, so all we had to do was sand the painted finish, apply a textured finish and reseal them with Desert Brand deck sealer.

We maintain and seal all brands of deck coating, including Decktech’s Granite Deck, for a whole lot less than what others will charge you. Call today for a free estimate for your deck repairs and resealing needs. 801-2380, ask for Bill

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Job Profile-Maintaining Desert Crete Decking

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Our latest job was performed recently in Morro Bay, cleaning and resealing four decks on four rental units.

These decks got Desert Crete installed on them apx 3-4 years ago and are performing perfectly. After some use though they were ready to clean, inspect and reseal. These decks cost less to own than our competitors and will last longer too.

Total cost to reseal, less than $450.00. Call today for a price on sealing your deck. 801-2380.

Job Profile-Energizer’s Rabbit Has Nothing On This Deck That’s Still Going! Maintaining an Original Forty Three Year Old Mer-Kote Weatherdeck System

Mer-Kote Products is one of the original manufacturer’s of decking systems meant to be walked upon. Their Weatherdeck system is a classic system, and dates back to 1971.

The expected average life of decking systems is about 25-30 years. Our latest project has defied the averages and proves that with regular maintenance and repairs, a pedestrian traffic coating system can last well past 25 years. But can a deck last 43 years?

Shirley K in Oxnard CA was referred to us by Mer-Kote after her long time Mer-Kote applicator retired. That was 8 years ago. In 8 years Shirley has had us perform repairs and maintenance to her 3 Mer-Kote covered decks 3 times. Shirley bought her property down on the water in Oxnard in 1971, the year Mer-Kote started and her home has an original coating system that has performed perfectly since then, with just regular maintenance. The Mer-Kote system is now 43 and looking better than ever. Aging Hollywood starlets are jealous!

Each time we’ve made some repairs to some stress cracks and then cleaned and painted the decks using Mer-Ko Seal after priming the deck with Mer-Ko Prep Seal. This years maintenance was no different.

Shirley knows the value of maintenance and appreciates that living in an ocean environment means more frequent maintenance is necessary to keep building components functioning. Mer-Kote’s superior decking systems can go the distance!

Get a free no obligation estimate for your next deck project using Mer-Kote Products. Call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380. We are an authorized Mer-Kote applicator since 2007!

CCW Installs Desert Crete Decking on A Home in The Hills of Los Osos

Located in Los Osos, tucked off LOVR up a winding road into the hills, Hawk Hill has a wonderful view of the surrounding valley and hills. The home has a deck over a garage that requires a walkable roof deck covering.

Our  Desert Crete system is the perfect choice for this home. Being an ICC-ES evaluated and approved fire retardant coating, Desert Crete meets the County code requirements for Class A roof coverings.

The contractor was referred to us by Crizer Construction and Design. Crizer Design drew the architectural drawings and design for the home to be renovated, including the deck.

We’re pleased to have started this job only yesterday and after a long day of work we were able to get the deck dried in, just in time for today’s rain. The interior of the home remains dry and the construction crew an continue working on the interior.

Let us show you why you should invest in a Desert Crete decking system; with the lowest cost of ownership, the return on your money in value can’t be beat. Call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 for a free estimate to waterproof your deck with a high quality Desert Crete system.



Buying/Selling a Home With Waterproof Decks? We Are Now Offering Deck Inspection Services

We don’t inspect homes, we only inspect waterproof decks-roof decks, balcony decks, stairs/landings, anything with a waterproof pedestrian traffic coating.

HI’s-if your inspection finds questionable deck issues, refer them to us for an inspection.

Buyers-if the home you are buying has decks, you should strongly consider having a specialized inspection done.

Why? Many decks have deficiencies that Home Inspectors don’t always recognize of understand the severity of.

Consider this recent example of a buyer who did not insist on repairs to a roof deck before closing, settling instead for a reduction of the selling price for $3,000 based upon an estimate.

After closing the buyer moved ahead with repairs to the deck, only to discover the hidden damage within the stucco covered walls of the roof deck.The rotted wood and fungus infestations went all the way down to the ground from the roof. Over $120,000 in hidden damages exist on this home in Shell Beach.

A second example is a client in Ventura in contract for a $1.6 million dollar property who had us do a secondary inspection of the decks upon the recommendation of the Home Inspector. Our inspection found significant issues with an estimated cost of $140,000 to repair, that enabled the prospective purchaser to make an offer that brought the price down.

Our third example is a seller who had us inspect his decks before listing the property. The decks needed some work that caught a small amount of damage before it could turn into a large amount of damage. This also enabled the seller to simply disclose the repairs, we did a secondary inspection and the home inspector cleared the rest of the property after repairs were made and now the home sold at market price with a clean bill of health.

A small investment into performing due diligence can save thousands of dollars and the heartbreak and tension that goes along with it. Feel confident that your home, condo or commercial property’s decks have been professionally inspected.

Single Condo and Single family home deck Inspections cost just $350.00 in SLO County, $500.00 in Santa Barbara County, $600.00 in Ventura (for the travel time & gas) and you get a comprehensive visual inspection, written report, all complete with photograph’s documenting the site conditions.

Commercial and HOA’s should inquire for a quote.

Call Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at 805-801-2380
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