Job Profile- Condo Decks in Atascadero Waited Over 6 Years To Be Finished

Desert Crete is patient, Desert Crete is kind.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

A rewritten version of a passage in the bible yes, but true words never the less.

Our latest job concerns a property in Atascadero that was a victim of the housing crash in 2007. These condo’s, tucked on the north edge of the Dove Creek development, were left abandoned when the developer’s financing was pulled. Half finished with the exterior semi-dried in, the roof was partly on, stucco paper was on and the decks and stairs had a base coat of our Desert Crete system in place. I had sold and managed the job years back for a company that I was a salesperson/estimator for.

With the market returning and banks loaning money, a new buyer hired Bob Crizer of  Crizer Construction   to manage the project and redo the building. Bob hires the best subs and we were one of his subs on this job.

Our assessment of the job found that the decks and stairs had done pretty well without being finished or other building materials being in place or finished either. Some water had leaked into the framing assembly of the decks where columns were unfinished with a water resistant barrier.

We repalced some drip edge flashing after the problem was discovered and continued to just texture and paint these decks that have waited so patiently, protecting  the homes while waiting for someone to return to breath life back into them…and so we did.

The building looks beautiful with new exterior finishes and the decks and stairs are well equipped with Desert Crete to protect and beautify them for years to come.

Need tough decking? Get the right system on your decks-Desert Crete by Hill Brothers. Class A fire rated, a tough pedestrian traffic coating that can’t be beat. See why and get a free estimate from me, Bill Leys by calling me at 805-545-8300.


Bill Leys of Returns to JLCLive Residential Construction Show in 2013

Bill Leys of Returns to JLCLive Residential Construction Show in 2013


Dated: Jul. 02, 2013

Designing Decks With, and Using Best Building Practices to Assemble and Waterproof Them Costs a Little More, But Reduces Exposure to Potential Liability for Builders, Developers and Architects

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. — Returning to JLCLive Residential Construction Show for the third time is founder Bill Leys to present a two part seminar at JLCLive Residential Construction
Show . in Portland Oregon on Wednesday December 4th starting at 9:30 am.
The session is scheduled to end at 12:30.
The first half of the session will discuss pedestrian deck systems and the second half of the session will
discuss tiled roof decks. Each session will be approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes long, with time for a
break and Q&A in between.
The focus of the sessions will be on-
“Construction and Waterproofing Methods for Walking Decks and Tile Covered Decks”
Rating high on the list of components claimed to have construction defects are waterproofed decks and/or
tile covered waterproof decks. Sadly, all to many of those claims are true. This two part session will teach
you the best construction practices needed to keep you and the deck contractor out of the court room.
The first half of the session will discuss pedestrian deck systems and the best building practices necessary
to construct a well built long lasting deck assembly. You will learn

  • What types of pedestrian deck systems are available.
  • Differences between the various types of coatings and their pros and cons
  • How to sequence the deck waterproofing with your construction schedule.
  • Learn the best building practices necessary for a high quality deck system and learn how to sell best
  • building practices to a client and separate your self from the competition.
  • How a waterproof deck system is installed

After a short Q & A and a break, in the second half of this session you will learn about tile roof decks and
how to properly build and waterproof them for a system that will last 30+ years.

You will learn

  • The recommended construction methods and materials to use.
  • The various waterproofing systems and assemblies used to waterproof tile decks.
  • The methods approved for waterproofing exterior decks by Tile Council of North America.
  • Why the smallest details matter just as much if not more to prevent leaks.
  • Reduce your risk to exposure to liability.

The costs to repair failed waterproof decks is staggeringly high. By investing a little more into a better
waterproofing system by a skilled installer and framing/substrate built with best practices in mind,
contractors can take what they learn in these sessions and implement them into reducing their exposure to
About the Speaker-

Bill Leys is a licensed waterproofing contractor in California, specializing in installing pedestrian traffic
coatings to decks over living spaces. He is a JLC contributor, has written articles for other publications and
has spoken at JLCLive events. Bill has presented live webinars for several national organizations as well as
appearing in person to present seminars. Bill also provides expert witness services in legal matters and
construction disputes. Bill has sold and overseen the installation of hundreds of thousands of square feet of
waterproofing since entering the construction field 12 years ago.

Job Profiles-Los Osos Homes With Dry-Rotted Decks Return From the Dead

Two jobs or ours recently wrapped up over in Los Osos/Baywood.

Our first job on S Court Street, with Simons Construction, began innocently enough…the client had a “little leak” that started after a deck had been “fixed” three years earlier. Our inspection found some other areas of concern as well, lack of proper drainage being the biggest, followed by concern over the method a privacy wall had been constructed.

As construction continued, the damage revealed was far worse than believed. A deck had been built over the old deck, leaving mold and dry-rot fungus spores to wait and bide their time for a new chance at life. Sure enough, when the new deck leaked, it began a chain reaction. When all was done and said, Simons Construction had to rebuild the deck, rebuild two walls and rebuild the bedroom below.

We installed Desert Crete decking over the new plywood deck and framing, including inside the hot water closet located off the deck. Simons Construction is very impressed with our system and recognized that it’s a superior assembly over other competitors deck  waterproofing assemblies.

Our second Los Osos deck waterproofing job was located over on Hollister Ave.

Once again, dry-rot played a major role in redefining this job. Pete Watson Carpentry Service called us up. We’ve worked togther before with Pete, so he knew he had the right company on his job.

The same complaint, a small leak…the inspection discovers a rafter tail coming out of stucco below is rotted. We suggest that some exploratory surgery is in order. Pete performed the surgery to find near terminal dry-rot. A spiral stair case leading to the roof deck was rotted out. The deck had rot. The framing of the deck had rot. Ok, I think you get it…it was rotted all to hell…

Fast forward, after major surgery to replace the damaged materials, Desert Crete was used to waterproof the roof deck.

Pete’s clients Jenny and her husband love their new deck (they do their star gazing from the roof deck). They know that they have a long lasting tough decking system that will outlast Desert Crete’s  competitors inferior coatings.

When your deck is showing signs of leaks and problems, don’t wait. Time is your enemy. As summer heats up so does the interior cavity walls  of the building. That heat is making a tasty environment for those wood destroying pests-moist wood = easy chewing.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300  for a fast free estimate to install a fire retardant ICC-ES approved Desert Crete deck on your home, condo  or apartment building.

Job Profile-Out Dated Look on a Deck In Solvang Gets an Upgrade

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A client in Solvang found us on the Internet; they were looking for someone to repair a deck with some cracks and dry-rot.

The original plan was to simply repair the cracks and re-color the “flagstone” tape out pattern. After beginning the repairs though, the owners decided that they wanted to update the appearance of the deck with something more modern and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Brainstorming, we came up with the idea to eliminate the flagstone pattern and create a walkway to the door that defined the entry way and created a space on the deck for seating and entertaining on. The concrete sidewalk leading from the driveway up to the stairs was an octagonal shaped pattern. Why not continue that right up the deck?

So that’s what we did, and we proceeded to cover over the old pattern, lay out the “walkway” and use Desert Brand sealers to provide an easy to maintain surface that enhanced the homes appearance at a very reasonable cost.

The owners love the new look, the easy care surface and now have a great place to hang under the pines and oaks in their little paradise tucked a few blocks behind Solvang’s busy downtown…

When it comes time to repair or enhance your decks, let Bill Leys and Central Coast Waterproofing  come to the rescue!

Call me, Bill Leys The Deck Expert, at 805-545-8300 for a free consultation and estimate today!