I am now offering trip hazard removal services in San Luis Obispo county!

If your sidewalk, driveway or garage floor has trip hazards, heaved up concrete can be ground down to remove the trip hazard.

Most jobs run between $150-350. Call today for an estimate. I typically come to inspect the job, give you a price and do the job then and there.

Don't let you or guests be injured!
               Don’t let you or guests be injured!
Grind away those trip hazards in just hours!
Trip hazards are gone in just a couple of hours!



I can  also grind off remove old painted surfaces, old black mastic and grind floors for others to install epoxy and new carpet/vinyl/hardwoods over.

If your slab in your house, the concrete walkway, patio, garage or other concrete surface needs to be prepared for  the application of new concrete coatings, epoxy coatings, urethane or waterproofing,  I can grind it for $500 or less!