Deck Tech Granite Deck System Goes Away

Our client called with a problem. Their Granite Deck system sold to them by Deck Tech six years ago was failing. “They should have bought Deck Tech’s ADMA, Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement for $399 a year…” and Deck Tech now wanted a small fortune to “fix”their failing crap.  

Searching for information, they found Central Coast Waterproofing. After hearing their story and inspecting the landing with them, I was happy to report that I could fix their Deck Tech problem for less than $500. I told them the story behind granite deck and how bad it was and how deck tech has an accusation against their license…

The solution on this small landing was to bury the Granite Deck system under a metal lath and polymer modified concrete deck system. In just a few days time I installed this beautiful system with a knockdown texture and painted it Slate Gray to contrast with the stucco. 

Sure looks better than the failing Deck Tech garbage.  I can help you get out of Deck Tech’s scam warranty program. Eliminate your granite deck problem and cover it over with a proven deck system. Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate to cover up small decks for five hundred or less. 

Granite Deck system failing from sun exposure. 

Deck Expert Bill Leys Fixes DeckTech Inc’s Failures at Harp Springs

Does your Harp Springs Enclave deck have cracks in it? Does your deck have rusted flashing at the edge where the spiral stairs connect to the deck?

I’ve heard that many do, similar to this one I fixed last week for a client.

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I also heard about Decktech’s lame sales pitches to get you to buy into their ADMA agreement, which is simply a suckers bet designed to let DeckTech win by getting you to pay for the warranty work they should be doing for free. $300 a year may not sound like much, but over 5 years it’s $1,500.00. That buys a lot of repairs and maintenance! I fixed the cracks on the deck shown above and cleaned and  resealed the Life Deck system for $500. Far less costs for far more work.

Owners with the Life Deck/Westcoat concrete system can have their deck cleaned and resealed about every 3-5 years based on use, exposure to weather and UV. There isn’t any need for much maintenance other than that recommended by the mfg. If you have cracks on your deck and Decktech’s answer is to put some caulk into it, stop them. Insist they open the deck back, remove all rusted metal lath and reinstall the decking system. If they won’t and you want your deck fixed right, resealed and better than before, call me Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 for an appointment today.

Owners of the Granite Deck system should know that Granite Deck is not an ICC ES evaluated walking deck system. No evidence exists to show that it is Class A fire retardant


Fifteen Year Old Mer-Kote Deck System Repaired and Ready for Another Fifteen

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The homes in San Luis Bay Estates are in a micro-climate zone that gives decks up there a run for their money. In summer it can get very hot, with temps exceeding 90 degrees some days. In winter, the cold settles in the canyons. With rain and it’s extremes, these decks need some TLC now and then.

That was the case with this home on Foxen Canyon; the 15 year old Mer-Kote deck system was in pretty good shape except where sun on one part of the deck along with the expansion and contraction from heat and cold caused regular old common nails securing the plywood substrate underneath to pull out. In today’s deck building methods screws are preferred with ring shank nails being used as well.

This deck needed some repairs at the areas where nails were popping through (about 26 nails were removed and replaced) and at several flashing laps where poor nailing allowed the laps to crack the coating.

For less than $500 and 2 partial days of work I was able to fix all the nail pops, float out one area where water ponded and I fixed the cracked flashing laps and clean and resealed the deck. No one else can do the work I can for the prices I charge. Maintenance and repairs for $500 or less. I’m not licensed but per CSLB exemption I can fix and repair decks when the labor and materials are $500 or less. Call me, Bill Leys at 801-2380 for a quote on your deck issues. Don’t let small issues become big problems, get them fixed fast with me, the Deck Expert.


Leaking Deck Drains Frustrate Owners With Water Damage

With the rains we’ve got this season so far, a lot of weak girly man deck drains have been running away from their duty. These deck drains have been slowly deteriorating over time from salt water exposure.

Recently in Pismo Beach up on El Viento several owners have found water drains on the ceilings of their homes interiors…directly below a leaking deck drain. One smart owner didn’t have leaks but asked me to inspect his decks drains. One drain I found had sure signs of failure with rust around it but the other appeared fine. The deck did have a couple cracks in it though.

Opening the deck with cracks in it revealed a deck drain ready to leak.

For under $500 I replaced the deck drains and reinstalled new waterproofing and textured and sealed the deck to look like new.

Don’t let leaks send your drywall into spasms from water damage, let me evaluate your deck and drains before damage happens. Is cheaper to replace deck drains before they leak rather than after they do and have to repair drywall too!

Call me, Bill Leys at 801-2380 today.


A nailis popping up, leaving a star mark as the only clue something is wrong.


Once the coating is removed, it’s undeniable the drain is almost dead.


Careless deck installer allowed his mud to clog up the drain 15 years ago!


All done, a new deck drain in and the deck is sealed with a concrete sealer in your choice of colors.

Leak Under Sliding Door Gets Fixed

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A recent job of mine took place over in Shell Beach with a client who had a leak coming in at her sliding door. The maintenance person she had had the right idea on trying to patch the door area, but didn’t quite know how to do that and with what materials.

I was able to come up with a solution that will patch the leak and get the deck through til spring when more substantial repairs can be undertaken.

By hiring the right expert on deck waterproofing repairs, the owner was able to get the problem solved quickly and economically for less than $300.

Get your deck problems solved quickly and economically; this winter is already taking it’s toll. Avoid dry-rot problems, wet ceilings and painting projects-call Bill Leys, the Deck Expert at 801-2380 now for a free quote on your deck repair needs!




Leaky Drain Gone Away in Time For El Nino


Is your deck ready for this winter? El Nino is promised to be a train wreck of a rainy winter so it had better be.

My latest job was up in Pismo where I replaced a leaking deck drain with the new Thunderbird deck drain seen in the picture.

After replacing the drain I put a new acrylic concrete coating over the whole deck to blend everything together and sealed it with deck sealer. For less than $500 these folks’ deck is ready for this winters rains.

Call me now for a estimate to repair your deck for $500 or less.
Ask for Bill 801-2380

Stairway to Commercial Condo Readied For El Nino

With all the news lately about the weather phenomenon known as El Nino, people with roof decks and stairs that are waterproofed have been getting nervous lately. Are my waterproofed stairs or deck really waterproof they ask themselves?

Here at Central Coast Waterproofing, I am ready to help you, just as I helped our latest client. My latest repair and maintenance job was on a commercial condo unit in San Luis Obispo. The plywood stairs were urethane coated and they were showing some wear and tear. A couple splits in these coatings can allow water to leak in.

The client had me repair the splits in the coating, then I cleaned the stairs and landings thoroughly and then applied a new textured finish to them. This helps to isolate the urethane away from damaging UV and keep it protected.

After the texture cured, the stairs were sealed with a deck sealer and now they look brand new.

You can afford to fix your stairs, decks and balconies.  For less than $500, I can repair your leaks, replace a drain, fix cracks and upgrade the look of your deck or stairs too.

Call today before the rains come. 805-801-2380 and ask for Bill.


All redone, the stairs look nice, are waterproof and slip resistant. All work done was for less than $500.


After covering the walls with paper, I spray a concrete textured finish on the stairs.


Old stairs looking ratty and in need of some TLC.