Stair and Deck Coatings Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining and Repairing Balconies, Walkways, Roof Decks and Stairs for Homeowners

“AWS Consultants has known Bill Leys and his company for many years. We are aware that they have a top quality reputation for waterproofing and decking installations. Bill is one of the most technically knowledgeable contractors we know and trust.” 
Carl Brown, RCI, RRO AWS Consutlants Inc” November 16, 2011

Specializing in Installing Desert Brand and Mer-Kote Products for Repairs and Maintenance of All Existing Deck Systems

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Specializing In Preventative Maintenance & RepairsCall today to schedule your repairs and maintenance.Save money and get professional waterproof deck coating repairs and maintenance done for less by Deck Expert Bill Leys!

My contractors license is inactive and I’m now having a much better life concentrating solely on doing preventative maintenance and repair work for $500 or less.*

*as provided by law…
B&P Code section 7048 (small operations) provides an exemption from licensure for minor work if the aggregate contract price, including labor, materials, etc. is less than $500.

What Can I Do For $500 Or Less? Quite a Bit It Turns Out!
I can fix and repair cracks, grill damage, gouges etc on any deck coating system-Mer-Kote, Granite Deck, Life Deck, Westcoat, Tufflex for $500 or less.
I can clean and reseal any concrete deck coating system up to 600 square feet for $500 or less.
I can clean and reseal DeckTech’s* Granite deck up to 500 sq feet for $500 or less, no annual contract required.
I can replace a leaky drain including plywood on a deck for $500 or less.
I can fix nail pops and patch the decking system on decks for $500 or less.
I can fill low spots where water ponds and retexture the area (orange peel and knockdown only) for $500 or less.
I can replace rusted flashings on deck edges for $500 or less.
I can fix cracks on stair edges for $500 or less.
I can replace bad pieces of plywood substrate AND install new deck waterproofing for $500 or less.

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