Oxford Suites Investment Into Desert Crete Decking Paying Off

The Oxford Suites in Pismo at 4th Street invested into a Desert Crete Decking system apx 12 years ago when I was selling coatings for a company. 

They needed a system that would hold up against the traffic of maids carts and suit cases, was easy to clean, and wouldn’t require a lot of maintenance. Keeping walks open is essential as rooms can’t be sold if they are closed for frequent maintenance. 

Desert Crete was their answer then, and it firmly remains so today. 

The walkways were recently cleaned and resealed after years of use, and with thousands of square feet of walks, had very minor damage to them. Paying a little more upfront over lesser systems was worth the investment for this hotel. 

Have us maintain your Desert Crete, Life Deck, Westcoat or Dex-O-Tex decking this spring with a cleaning, inspection and a reseal for years of future enjoyment. 

Come Hear Me Speak at JLC Live in Portland OR December 4th

Take a few days off and jet up to Portland OR to JLC Live’s Residential Construction Show. Get my speakers discount offer when you register for the conference. Click here for the registration page and it will fill in my code automatically.

Portland has a lot to offer and this show is a bit smaller than the Providence show so you can get up close and personal with the seminars, demo’s and exhibitors.

I have two seminars this year on the 4th, one on decks and one on building websites. I look forward to meeting you in Portland!

Get my speakers discount when you register for the conference.
Get my speakers discount when you register for the conference.

Please Note Our New Fax Number! We Went Paperless and Eliminated the Fax Machine

The old box on my desk that spits out paper after the phone rings has been eliminated. As in, it’s life is over. We terminated our relationship. We used “extreme prejudice” and kicked it to the curb.

In it’s place is an area that is for now dust free. I don’t know what I’ll put there…maybe a plant?


We’ve made adjustments this year and are seeking to be as paperless as possible. Meaning I don’t want to use any. Nada, zip, zilch. Instead we are moving to a web based paperless society where your faxes to us will go into a big computer in the sky and  it will be magically transformed into a nice tidy PDF  file that appears in my email box.

If I need to sign it, I can. Digitally. Initial in the boxes on the right? No problemo.

Say Hello to my Hello Fax and Hello Sign friends…Hello Fax connects with my Google account, Dropbox, Google drive etc to let me work with all my documents. You should try it too.

Join HelloFax and we’ll both get 5 free fax pages. It’s the easiest way to sign & send documents.

http://curebit.com/x/YDFfa  click here to get started and start saving paper and trees in 2013!



Read Our Interview by AEC Forensic’s Brian Hill

Brian Hill, a fellow blogger and construction advocate, has a great blog at http://aecforensics.com/. His blog has all sorts of interesting information and not just construction related. Brian began “following” me on Twitter and we’ve conversed back n forth over the last year or so.

Recently Brian contacted me for an interview for his blog.

I flattered that someone found me interesting enough to ask me do do an interview…and so if you’d like to read it, click the link to AEC Forensics




A Glowing Reference From John Hesch General Contractor

“It’s reassuring to know that I have a company that I can depend on for walking-deck installations. You have the expertise and experience that is necessary, but difficult to find in your field. Thanks for the dependable and reliable results I get when we work together.”

John Hesch

John is a contractor who we have worked with on a few projects. His work is impeccable and he demands the same from his subs.

Thanks for the reference John, see you on the next project in Morro Bay on Tuesday July 5th!

Central Coast Waterproofing Is Now Accepting Credit Cards For Payment

For the convenience of our clients, many of whom like to get “miles” or perks or something out of their credit cards, we are now accepting payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards

Having just signed up for Square, I have a free app loaded on my Droid X smart phone, ready to accept clients payments.

We are charging a convenience fee of 2.75% of the amount charged to the card when I can “swipe” your card through the free card reader they gave me.

A convenience fee of 3.5% will be charged when I manually enter your credit card number.

We want to provide the convenience and ease that credit cards provide and we don’t want to lose your business because we can’t accept your credit card. Now we can!

Central Coast Waterproofing-Setting The Bar in  Technology.

We Joined Angie’s List- Members Review Us Please!

Central Coast Waterproofing has joined Angie’s List.

If you are an Angie’s list client you can leave feedback and ratings for us…and we’d appreciate hearing about how we did for you.

If you are not an Angie’s List client, you can still leave feedback but it doesn’t count for us or against us in the ratings…so sign up and use the webs best way to find reputable contractors who stand behind their work.

Our member # is 2328809. Click to join Angie’s List or to leave feedback.