Please Note Our New Fax Number! We Went Paperless and Eliminated the Fax Machine

The old box on my desk that spits out paper after the phone rings has been eliminated. As in, it’s life is over. We terminated our relationship. We used “extreme prejudice” and kicked it to the curb.

In it’s place is an area that is for now dust free. I don’t know what I’ll put there…maybe a plant?


We’ve made adjustments this year and are seeking to be as paperless as possible. Meaning I don’t want to use any. Nada, zip, zilch. Instead we are moving to a web based paperless society where your faxes to us will go into a big computer in the sky and  it will be magically transformed into a nice tidy PDF  file that appears in my email box.

If I need to sign it, I can. Digitally. Initial in the boxes on the right? No problemo.

Say Hello to my Hello Fax and Hello Sign friends…Hello Fax connects with my Google account, Dropbox, Google drive etc to let me work with all my documents. You should try it too.

Join HelloFax and we’ll both get 5 free fax pages. It’s the easiest way to sign & send documents.  click here to get started and start saving paper and trees in 2013!



Read Our Interview by AEC Forensic’s Brian Hill

Brian Hill, a fellow blogger and construction advocate, has a great blog at His blog has all sorts of interesting information and not just construction related. Brian began “following” me on Twitter and we’ve conversed back n forth over the last year or so.

Recently Brian contacted me for an interview for his blog.

I flattered that someone found me interesting enough to ask me do do an interview…and so if you’d like to read it, click the link to AEC Forensics




A Glowing Reference From John Hesch General Contractor

“It’s reassuring to know that I have a company that I can depend on for walking-deck installations. You have the expertise and experience that is necessary, but difficult to find in your field. Thanks for the dependable and reliable results I get when we work together.”

John Hesch

John is a contractor who we have worked with on a few projects. His work is impeccable and he demands the same from his subs.

Thanks for the reference John, see you on the next project in Morro Bay on Tuesday July 5th!

Central Coast Waterproofing Is Now Accepting Credit Cards For Payment

For the convenience of our clients, many of whom like to get “miles” or perks or something out of their credit cards, we are now accepting payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards

Having just signed up for Square, I have a free app loaded on my Droid X smart phone, ready to accept clients payments.

We are charging a convenience fee of 2.75% of the amount charged to the card when I can “swipe” your card through the free card reader they gave me.

A convenience fee of 3.5% will be charged when I manually enter your credit card number.

We want to provide the convenience and ease that credit cards provide and we don’t want to lose your business because we can’t accept your credit card. Now we can!

Central Coast Waterproofing-Setting The Bar in  Technology.

We Joined Angie’s List- Members Review Us Please!

Central Coast Waterproofing has joined Angie’s List.

If you are an Angie’s list client you can leave feedback and ratings for us…and we’d appreciate hearing about how we did for you.

If you are not an Angie’s List client, you can still leave feedback but it doesn’t count for us or against us in the ratings…so sign up and use the webs best way to find reputable contractors who stand behind their work.

Our member # is 2328809. Click to join Angie’s List or to leave feedback.

Save $ With Our Discount Coupons at Google Maps!

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Central Coast Waterproofing wants to save you money! All of our services are on sale when you redeem our coupons!

Simply request a fast free estimate for your next project-waterproofing, decorative overlays, epoxy flooring for your garage or a new deck coating.Then,

Click here to get your Google Maps coupons. Hurry, they expire soon!

Then after we have signed a contract for an agreed upon price, and after we’ve completed the work present the coupon to get your discount. You can even just mention the coupon code and we’ll give you a discount.

Offer is limited to residential and commercial customers only, no contractors please.

It’s our goal to be the best contractor for your job. Experience and pride matter.

Call me, Bill Leys, for a fast free estimate on your job. 805-545-8300.

Advisory to Clients of DeckTech, Inc. of Grover Beach

It has always been the goal of Central Coast Waterproofing to be unwavering in honesty and fairness and to follow the laws of the State of California and the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

In some of our recent interactions with clients, we have meet a few who have also received bids from DeckTech, Inc. of Grover Beach.

In three cases where we were able to review a contract/proposal from DeckTech, we were troubled by several items  lacking in their contact and how much money they ask for as a deposit, and so we wish to issue the following advisory.

It is state law that contracts have several required provisions incorporated in them to help protect consumers from unsavory contractors.

Among them are

  • Initial deposits-when signing a contract there are limits on how much of a down payment a contractor can collect before beginning any work; to $1,000.00 or 10% of the contract amount, whichever is LESS. So if your contract is for $20,000.00, a contractor can only take $1,000.00 as a down payment when you first sign the contract. If your contract is for $8,000.00, the contractor can only take $800.00 maximum as a down payment. In all three cases where we reviewed DeckTech contracts, the deposit amounts appeared to violate CSLB laws by requiring 50% of the contract amount up front before any work began to “lock in” your start date.
  • Residential consumer contracts are required to have a 72 hour “cooling off” provision. This gives you up to 3 business days to re-consider, and without penalty, cancel your contract. This helps you when pushy salespeople may have pressured you into signing a contract. We have not seen this required clause in any of the three contracts of DeckTech’s that we reviewed with homeowners. Be sure to get the required language in your contract.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance. By law, licensed contractors who employ workers must have workers compensation insurance. According to the website at,  DeckTech (lic # 796956) has certified that they have no employees. Yet clients have affirmed that uniformed persons wearing DeckTech attire have worked on their property. Make sure you get a current copy of DeckTech’s workers compensation insurance certificate. If the named insured isn’t DeckTech, do not sign anything until you have determined through the CSLB whether that is acceptable or not. You may put your self at great persoanl financial risk if there are uninsured or misclassified workers performing labor on your property. There are strict definitions too on who qualifies as an independent contractor, so be sure to have approriate language in your contract regarding any workers and required insurances.

Central Coast Waterproofing has taken the appropriate actions to follow CSLB and state law to ensure our contract meets the requirements of the law.

Down Payments-Our policy is to ask for a deposit of no more than 10% or a $1,000.00. Usually we don’t take a deposit at all for jobs under $2,500.00 and typically our deposit is not for more than $500.00, even when the contract value is for far more. We may ask for progress payments when we complete a certain percentage of the work or for money when special order items are necessary for your job-copper flashings for example will be invoiced for upon time of delivery to the job. Typically we will allow you to withhold 10% of the total contract amount until you have accepted and approved of the work and all punch list items are done.  This is your guarantee that we’ll come back and finish what we promised.

Cancellation Policy-We have a 72 hour cancellation clause in accordance with state law. Unless you direct us to begin work immediately and waive your rights to our cooling off policy, we honor and obey the law.

Workers Compensation-our policy is located at our website in the Articles and Doc’s section. You can view our current and past policy’s ACORD forms anytime you need to verify coverage. Ask us to name you as additional insureds at no additional charge. Protect yourself, protect your property. You can also verify our workers compensation at CSLB’s website by clicking here. Our license number is 890269.

General Liability-Central Coast Waterproofing names our clients as additional insured under our General Liability policy upon request. Please be sure to request that we name you on our policy before beginning work, all at no additional cost.

These tips below are brought to you by the CSLB.

10 Tips for Making Sure Your Contractor Measures Up…

  1. Hire only licensed contractors.
  2. Check a contractor’s license number online at or by calling (800) 321-CSLB (2752).
  3. Get at least three bids.
  4. Get three references from each bidder and review past work in person.
  5. Make sure all project expectations are in writing and only sign the contract if you completely understand the terms.
  6. Confirm that the contractor has workers’ compensation insurance for employees.
  7. Never pay more than 10% down of $1,000, whichever is less. Don’t pay in cash.
  8. Don’t let payments get ahead of the work.
  9. Keep a job file of all papers relating to your project, including all payments.
  10. Don’t make the final payment until you’re satisfied with the job.


What should I look for in contract and binding agreements? This step helps you understand contract and binding agreements with your contractor.

File a Complaint This section provides a step-by-step process to file a complaint online or by mail.

Central Coast Waterproofing’s policy is to operate fairly and with transparency. We just want our competition to play on a level playing surface with us.
We want you to feel comfortable with us before we ask you to sign anything, give a deposit, begin work or when we ask for our final payment.
For a free consultation on your next project, call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300. I may not beat DeckTech’s prices, but we beat them with honesty, fairness, quality products and quality service.