Job Profile-We Eliminated the Confusion Over Epoxy Floors For KunFusion

Chef and restaurateur Lori Nunes knows food and cooks what her customers like to eat.

In bringing together her new restaurant, KunFusion in Pismo Beach at 561 Five Cites Drive (to the left of California Fresh Market), she learned a lot about construction and codes for food service…and one thing she learned was that her bar area needed a seamless floor with a 4″ high cove around it for easy cleaning.

She contacted us to find out about seamless epoxy floors. We visited the job site and found that the restaurant was trying to open it’s doors and needed flooring fast.  The manufacturer of epoxy she wanted to use would have to ship his materials and that would delay the job. We determined that we could source product locally that would meet the code requirements.

We sourced Westcoat epoxy from a local distributor as Lori’s workers began to remove the cracked and damaged tile floor that was in place. When they finished removing the tile they discovered that there was a vinyl composition tile underneath that had to be removed too.

Once that was done we took a 7″ grinder and dustless vacuum to the floor to cut  through the glue. Then we took a 8″ Blastrac shotblaster to the floor and shotblasted the floor to a surface profile 4-5 for proper adhesion of the coating.

We applied Westcoat Liquid Granite epoxy to the floor after installing Speedcove cove base in a 4″ finish on the wall. Speedcove  meets health department regulations.

The floor was finished last Thursday and Friday the doors were opened at KunFusion.  Go done and enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine while admiring the bar floor andsee how easy it is to clean and how nice it looks….

Need epoxy flooring for your next project? Call the experts at clearing out the “Kunfusion” over seamless flooring.

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Job Profiles-Westcoat Liquid Granite Epoxies Fixes Up Garage Floors

“Nice looking job, thanks for using Westcoat.  Thanks for sharing the success.

Paul Koury

Our latest jobs just wrapped up this past Sunday, when we finished applying a protective polyurethane top coat to our two garage floor projects. One client had just moved in to their newly purchased home in Blacklake and wanted a floor installed as soon as possible. Our second client had decided to clean up her garage and the floor she had was a mess, so…we landed two epoxy floor jobs that were very similar in size and scope of work.

On both of these floors the owners selected Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems Epoxy Coat Liquid Granite systems with a flake finish. Both floors had a sealer of some sort on the floors and that needed to come off, along with oil stains. We shotblasted the floors with our Blastrac shotblaster, following best practices and the advice of the manufacturer who says shotblasting is the preferred method for preparing concrete floors for coatings.

The floors were primed with Westcoat EC-14 epoxy, then a coat of EC-95 100% solids epoxy was applied with a full flake finish broadcast over until rejection. After curing, the excess flake is blown off and a coat of chemical resistant urethane was applied.

Both owners are thrilled with their new floors, installed on time and on budget. When your garage floor is getting you down, let us show you our flooring systems that will bring it back to life, from flake systems to metallic epoxies  and everything in between.

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Santa Barbara Smokehouse’s New Salmon Smoker Gets Specialized MMA Epoxy Flooring

Central Coast Waterproofing recently completed installing a specialized MMA epoxy floor for  the Santa Barbara Smokehouse in a new salmon smoker that is being installed.

When we were approached by the client for a quote on flooring, they spoke about a competitor who had bid the floor and they were interested to see what we offered. In our first meeting with the client we inspected the job site and discussed the conditions, expectations and requirements they had for a floor.

It became apparent quickly that ordinary “garage epoxy grade” flooring just wasn’t going to cut it. The clients needed a floor that could be washed with hot water for disinfecting, could handle hot temperatures of 250-300 degrees and handle the cold from the chiller right in the same area. Temperatures of the flooring was expected to be as low as 30 degrees and as high as 300 degrees.

Thermal cycling as it’s known is not for the weak. This flooring job required a high end floor that would last for years and handle all the requirements of a food processing facility.

Enter Dur-A-Flex flooring. Our Concrete Floor Store  represents Dur-A-Flex flooring systems which are a leader in industrial floor solutions. Their MMA epoxy Cryl-a-Floor system fit the bill for the Smokehouse perfectly. We presented the information and specifications to the client and they quickly realized that the epoxy floor bid   received from a competitor wasn’t going to work in the facility as they expected.

Dur-a-Flex was selected to be the flooring system installed and  Central Coast Waterproofing, performed the install. The floor in the smoker was brand new and had to meet and join into an existing floor. We first shot-blasted the new floor and then used Rapid-Set Concrete and Mortar mix to tie the old and new floors together.

Once the floor was prepped for receiving epoxy, the first step was to install a prime coat of MMA  primer, then allowing a one hour cure time, 2 coats of base coat was applied with silca sand broadcast in to provide anti-slip properties. Tile Red MMA sealer was used to color coat the flooring and it nearly matched the  existing floors color.

When your next flooring project has demands that ordinary epoxy can’t handle, call the concrete floor experts at The Concrete Floor Store at 805-545-8300. We will help you develop a plan and a system that will provide you with what you need.

The Twenty Thousand Dollar Lesson-Proper Concrete Prep Would Have Made the Difference for Arroyo Grande Driveway

Failing Concrete Overlay Driveway on Via Bandolera home in Arroyo Grande
Failing Concrete Overlay Driveway on Via Bandolera home in Arroyo Grande

This is what a four year old driveway in Arroyo Grande looks like that was done by a competitor. It’s not supposed to look like this, but it does.


Two Thousand Four Hundred Square Feet of failing expensive concrete overlay.

How will it get fixed? Easy answer, grind off every square foot, shot blast the existing concrete driveway to a Surface Profile 4-5 and then overlay it again with a new system. Seal the new coating with hot tire resistant polyurethane based exterior sealer from Desert Brand. It won’t be cheap-

Cost-over $20,000. There’s a lot of work needed.

Do it right, not over…call us, the concrete driveway experts, who HAVE the proper equipment to do your job right. We’ve invested in  Blastrac   shot blasting equipment worth $10,000+, with dustless vacuums that prepare concrete surfaces to the specifications mandated by flooring manufacturer’s.

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We Are Open at the SLO Home Show


Come on over this weekend and see us at Alex Madonna Expo Center. Here til 5 today and 10-4 Sunday. See our epoxy, concrete flooring and waterproof decking systems, meet us and see other great vendors too.
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Concrete Floor Store’s Exterior Concrete Flooring Costs Half As Much to Own Than Pebble Stone Flooring Does


In the quest to purchase flooring, one who is in the market should be looking at the cost to buy today, and the cost to own tomorrow.  Virtually everything we buy needs maintenance. Cars need mechanics, clothes need washing machines to clean them, floors, whether they be carpet, wood or tile, cost money to maintain too.

That’s why the Concrete Floor Store’s selection of flooring is a great value. Our stamped/stained flooring has a life span of 20+ years and a minimal amount of maintenance is required to care for it.

On exterior floors-patios, pool decks, sidewalks etc, we often run into clients who are considering several floor alternative’s. One such alternative is “pebble stone” floors. Pebble stone flooring is a floor system where small pebbles of various colors are mixed together for a nice effect and mixed with epoxy and rolled out over the concrete surface.

What starts out looking great rapidly becomes a maintenance nightmare. If the pebbles aren’t resealed every year, the UV from the sun degrades the epoxy, causing it to yellow. Eventually it breaks down and the pebbles come out, appearing all over the lawn, in the pool and on the floors of your home when they get caught in a sole of a shoe.

Straight from Pebble Floors website comes this tidbit-“A premium flooring requiring minimal maintenance. To ensure that your Pebble Floors retain their appearance, we recommend resealing every 5 years for indoor applications, and every year for outdoor applications. ” 

So that leads to the cost of ownership discussion. Using total cost of ownership is the only way to buy a floor.

Lets say you buy that pebble stone patio. It costs you $3,000 to buy today. How much does is it cost to reseal every year? Lets say $600.00. Every year. For lets say 20 years for anticipated life span. That’s $12,000 to maintain it and $3,000 to buy it. Total cost of ownership is $15,000.

Now instead you buy our concrete stamped patio finish. It costs you $5,000 to buy it today. However, you only need to reseal it every 3 years. Cost $600 per reseal. Over a 2o year anticipated life span, that’s 6 reseals. That comes out to $3,600, plus the cost to buy at $5,000 means your cost of ownership is about HALF what pebble floors will cost you.


CCW Awarded Contract for Installation of Methyl Methacrylate Epoxy System at Santa Barbara Smokehouse

2013-04-04 17.23.09



“The Santa Barbara Smokehouse was built in 2004. From the initial renderings to the placement of the final brick, the 15,000 square foot facility was built for one purpose: to produce the highest quality smoked salmon utilizing traditional, artisanal methods.” 

The Smokehouse continues to grow and is adding a new smoker. As with the other smokers in the building, this one needs epoxy flooring so it can be cleaned.

However, under the conditions and temperatures that a smoker places on an epoxy floor, not just an ordinary off the shelf epoxy will do.

Enter Central Coast Waterproofing…our trained staff will be installing a specialty epoxy flooring system inside the smoker-  a Methyl Methacrylate resin system. This specialized epoxy can take a range of temperatures that will make most epoxies quake-15-20 degrees up to 400 degrees. Quite a range.

Watch for pictures of the installation,  we’ll be there soon installing the epoxy system.

For your next extreme floor job, call the experts at Central Coast Waterproofing at 805-545-8300.