House Sale Stays on Track With Deck Repairs By Central Coast Waterproofing

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The house on San Diego Loop in Grover Beach was in escrow; a home inspection revealed a entry deck with some leaks and the coating was splitting along the plywood seams. The sale was contingent on repairs being made to the deck.

Another contractor quoted the owner a ridiculous price, maybe thinking they’d take advantage of the seller in a crisis? This seller was savvy though and went looking for options. Through the magic of Google, they found me on a search for deck repairs.

My inspection found that repairs and a restoration of the deck was necessary-the old urethane was in relatively good condition and just needed to be patched and re textured and painted Due to weather delays, the repairs took a few extra days to get done, but the buyers saw the seller was diligent in getting the deck repairs done and proceeded to close the sale. I was painting the deck the day before they moved in.

For $500 this sale was saved. I can fix your deck too, call today!