Oxford Suites Investment Into Desert Crete Decking Paying Off

The Oxford Suites in Pismo at 4th Street invested into a Desert Crete Decking system apx 12 years ago when I was selling coatings for a company. 

They needed a system that would hold up against the traffic of maids carts and suit cases, was easy to clean, and wouldn’t require a lot of maintenance. Keeping walks open is essential as rooms can’t be sold if they are closed for frequent maintenance. 

Desert Crete was their answer then, and it firmly remains so today. 

The walkways were recently cleaned and resealed after years of use, and with thousands of square feet of walks, had very minor damage to them. Paying a little more upfront over lesser systems was worth the investment for this hotel. 

Have us maintain your Desert Crete, Life Deck, Westcoat or Dex-O-Tex decking this spring with a cleaning, inspection and a reseal for years of future enjoyment.