Bill Leys Saves Homeowner on El Viento $20,000

A homeowner on El Viento in Pismo Beach called me; he had received a bid from Deck Tech Inc from Grover Beach. They wanted an absurd amount of money, over $20,000, to replace two small decks off the bedroom & living room. Converted to square feet, the cost was over $90 per square foot! Could I come over and give my evaluation?  Of course I said…

Inspecting the deck, I found a waterproofing system that was in fairly good condition despite being nearly 20 years old. The problem I found was the drains had started leaking.

A Deck Repair That Would Cost the Price of a Good Used Car-

Deck Tech’s answer to this wasn’t oh we can fix those leaky drains..No, their answer was to tell the owner that for $20,000+ they would strip off the deck coating and the plywood, smash open stucco walls and redo everything. Now for that kind of money they were going to use copper flashings, not necessary IMO, and stainless steel metal lath for their decking system, again, way overkill. They sent the owner a Powerpoint display filled with scare tactics and conjecture. Until a deck is opened, the damage is unknown. Sometimes there is massive damage underneath, often times not.  For $20,000 + you can buy a very nice used car…or let Deck Tech steal your money doing unnecessary work.

A Second Opinion-

My answer was simple-start with opening the two drains by removing the coating around them, inspect and determine a scope of work then. So that is what the owner did, allowed me to open the drain area and inspect. We found solid plywood and a rusted drain flange.

New drain with freshly painted deck is ready to serve for many more years.

I was able to replace the two drains on the deck, tie in new waterproofing with the existing, texture the repair and repaint the whole deck for less than $500.

The owner is very satisfied with my repairs and with yesterdays rain (Sunday 11/20) the deck passed with flying colors, no leaks and it’s ready for winter!

Don’t let Deck Tech’s scare tactics bamboozle you into parting with your money, call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 today for a free inspection of your deck problem. Cracks, leaky drains, rusted flashing…fixed for $500 or less, in as little as a day.