Deck Tech Granite Deck System Goes Away

Our client called with a problem. Their Granite Deck system sold to them by Deck Tech six years ago was failing. “They should have bought Deck Tech’s ADMA, Annual Deck Maintenance Agreement for $399 a year…” and Deck Tech now wanted a small fortune to “fix”their failing crap.  

Searching for information, they found Central Coast Waterproofing. After hearing their story and inspecting the landing with them, I was happy to report that I could fix their Deck Tech problem for less than $500. I told them the story behind granite deck and how bad it was and how deck tech has an accusation against their license…

The solution on this small landing was to bury the Granite Deck system under a metal lath and polymer modified concrete deck system. In just a few days time I installed this beautiful system with a knockdown texture and painted it Slate Gray to contrast with the stucco. 

Sure looks better than the failing Deck Tech garbage.  I can help you get out of Deck Tech’s scam warranty program. Eliminate your granite deck problem and cover it over with a proven deck system. Call me, Bill Leys for a free estimate to cover up small decks for five hundred or less. 

Granite Deck system failing from sun exposure.