9th Street Cayucos Owner Gets His Deck Fixed for Less Than $500

Randy, a client in Cayucos, had a few cracks on his roof deck. He found Central Coast Waterproofing on a web search and he called me to find that his problems could be solved inexpensively and rapidly. With rain coming, he didn’t want water intrusion into his home. 

Randy also had a big area that held water after every rain. He had to sweep out off after each storm. I was able to slope the deck to eliminate most of the puddle, not all, but enough do it evaporates pretty quick now. 

After repairing the cracks amd glaring out the low spot I textured the repaired areas to blend with the existing finish and then cleaned and painted the deck. It looks great and Randy is very happy. You will be to when you get your deck fixed quickly and inexpensively. Call now for your free inspection and estimate for repairs. 805-801-2380, ask for Bill.