Deck Expert Bill Leys Fixes DeckTech Inc’s Failures at Harp Springs

Does your Harp Springs Enclave deck have cracks in it? Does your deck have rusted flashing at the edge where the spiral stairs connect to the deck?

I’ve heard that many do, similar to this one I fixed last week for a client.

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I also heard about Decktech’s lame sales pitches to get you to buy into their ADMA agreement, which is simply a suckers bet designed to let DeckTech win by getting you to pay for the warranty work they should be doing for free. $300 a year may not sound like much, but over 5 years it’s $1,500.00. That buys a lot of repairs and maintenance! I fixed the cracks on the deck shown above and cleaned and  resealed the Life Deck system for $500. Far less costs for far more work.

Owners with the Life Deck/Westcoat concrete system can have their deck cleaned and resealed about every 3-5 years based on use, exposure to weather and UV. There isn’t any need for much maintenance other than that recommended by the mfg. If you have cracks on your deck and Decktech’s answer is to put some caulk into it, stop them. Insist they open the deck back, remove all rusted metal lath and reinstall the decking system. If they won’t and you want your deck fixed right, resealed and better than before, call me Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 for an appointment today.

Owners of the Granite Deck system should know that Granite Deck is not an ICC ES evaluated walking deck system. No evidence exists to show that it is Class A fire retardant