Fifteen Year Old Mer-Kote Deck System Repaired and Ready for Another Fifteen

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The homes in San Luis Bay Estates are in a micro-climate zone that gives decks up there a run for their money. In summer it can get very hot, with temps exceeding 90 degrees some days. In winter, the cold settles in the canyons. With rain and it’s extremes, these decks need some TLC now and then.

That was the case with this home on Foxen Canyon; the 15 year old Mer-Kote deck system was in pretty good shape except where sun on one part of the deck along with the expansion and contraction from heat and cold caused regular old common nails securing the plywood substrate underneath to pull out. In today’s deck building methods screws are preferred with ring shank nails being used as well.

This deck needed some repairs at the areas where nails were popping through (about 26 nails were removed and replaced) and at several flashing laps where poor nailing allowed the laps to crack the coating.

For less than $500 and 2 partial days of work I was able to fix all the nail pops, float out one area where water ponded and I fixed the cracked flashing laps and clean and resealed the deck. No one else can do the work I can for the prices I charge. Maintenance and repairs for $500 or less. I’m not licensed but per CSLB exemption I can fix and repair decks when the labor and materials are $500 or less. Call me, Bill Leys at 801-2380 for a quote on your deck issues. Don’t let small issues become big problems, get them fixed fast with me, the Deck Expert.