Leaking Deck Drains Frustrate Owners With Water Damage

With the rains we’ve got this season so far, a lot of weak girly man deck drains have been running away from their duty. These deck drains have been slowly deteriorating over time from salt water exposure.

Recently in Pismo Beach up on El Viento several owners have found water drains on the ceilings of their homes interiors…directly below a leaking deck drain. One smart owner didn’t have leaks but asked me to inspect his decks drains. One drain I found had sure signs of failure with rust around it but the other appeared fine. The deck did have a couple cracks in it though.

Opening the deck with cracks in it revealed a deck drain ready to leak.

For under $500 I replaced the deck drains and reinstalled new waterproofing and textured and sealed the deck to look like new.

Don’t let leaks send your drywall into spasms from water damage, let me evaluate your deck and drains before damage happens. Is cheaper to replace deck drains before they leak rather than after they do and have to repair drywall too!

Call me, Bill Leys at 801-2380 today.


A nailis popping up, leaving a star mark as the only clue something is wrong.


Once the coating is removed, it’s undeniable the drain is almost dead.


Careless deck installer allowed his mud to clog up the drain 15 years ago!


All done, a new deck drain in and the deck is sealed with a concrete sealer in your choice of colors.