Stairway to Commercial Condo Readied For El Nino

With all the news lately about the weather phenomenon known as El Nino, people with roof decks and stairs that are waterproofed have been getting nervous lately. Are my waterproofed stairs or deck really waterproof they ask themselves?

Here at Central Coast Waterproofing, I am ready to help you, just as I helped our latest client. My latest repair and maintenance job was on a commercial condo unit in San Luis Obispo. The plywood stairs were urethane coated and they were showing some wear and tear. A couple splits in these coatings can allow water to leak in.

The client had me repair the splits in the coating, then I cleaned the stairs and landings thoroughly and then applied a new textured finish to them. This helps to isolate the urethane away from damaging UV and keep it protected.

After the texture cured, the stairs were sealed with a deck sealer and now they look brand new.

You can afford to fix your stairs, decks and balconies.  For less than $500, I can repair your leaks, replace a drain, fix cracks and upgrade the look of your deck or stairs too.

Call today before the rains come. 805-801-2380 and ask for Bill.


All redone, the stairs look nice, are waterproof and slip resistant. All work done was for less than $500.


After covering the walls with paper, I spray a concrete textured finish on the stairs.


Old stairs looking ratty and in need of some TLC.