A homeowner in Pismo Beach noticed a leak into their dining room ceiling after it rained recently. Their deck above had two drains where they noticed the coating was cracked and heaved. Fearing further damage, they acted quickly and contacted Central Coast Waterproofing for an inspection.

The owners were relieved to learn that the drains could be replaced and the deck repaired inexpensively and quickly. I ordered up two drains from Thunderbird Products in El Cajon CA and began our work.

I opened the deck drains to find an old style drain that slipped down into the ABS pipe, a type of drain that over some years can leak due to a lack of a positive seal and it is prone to rusting. The old drains were replaced in a few hours, positive sealing achieved with hose clamps on the rubber locking boot that fits the new drains.

The old decking system was in good shape and I integrated new materials to the existing, retexturing the deck to blend in with the existing finish.

The deck repairs were completed in two days time, allowing for materials to cure properly and the deck was resealed to blend everything back together with Life Deck pigmented deck sealer.

Total cost was less than $500.00 for the repairs…don’t delay, I can repair your deck for less!