The owner of a beachfront home in Cayucos noticed a crack in the coating of his deck. He called after being referred to me by Life Deck/Life Paint of Santa Fe Springs.

My inspection found a urethane coating over a metal lath/concrete base coat. A small crack had allowed water to intrude into the lath which rusted and expanded, causing the crack to get bigger. The owner knew he had to act quickly to prevent more damage what with the rain coming this past Thursday.

I opened the cracked coating and peeled back the damaged area, exposing the plywood which was still in good condition. There was some evidence of moist wood underneath which was allowed to dry for a few hours. I installed new metal lath and Life Deck cement to patch and fill the area where the bad materials were removed, then applied a fiberglass/resin waterproofing over that.

With the cracked area addressed, I then applied a skip trowel finish over the whole deck and sealed it using Life Deck deck sealer.

Now the deck is patched and ready for summer fun, and was fixed for less than $500.00!

I can fix your deck too, call today for a free estimate.