My latest job was for Mike and Jan in the Rancho Grande neighborhood. Their large deck on the rear of their home is 10 years old and is showing some signs of wear and tear. One problem for them was cracks on the deck from moving plywood substrate.

 I opened apx 38 feet of cracked decking, removing rusted and damaged lath and concrete coating. As suspected the cracking was caused by poorly constructed plywood substrate-someone used 10d bright shiny nails instead of 16d ring shanks or screws.

The plywood was still good and so I secured it with 16d ring shank nails and replaced the concrete coating with new materials. I retextured the deck to blend in as best possible and touched up the repaired areas.

Mike and Jan were pleasantly surprised to have all this work for done for less than $500, and they saved potentially thousands in replacement costs if they let it deteriorate.

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