My latest job was in Los Osos. The field of the older Mer-Kote Shurdeck system was fine, the only problem was that the galvanized flashings had rusted on the outside edges from the salt in the air and rain/fog.

I cut off the old flashings and deck materials back 8″ and exposed the plywood. I installed new rust resistant flashings, I replaced the waterproofing that was removed and blended new waterproofing materials into the existing materials so the owner could then clean and paint the deck back to a new fresh appearance. I

Yes, for less than $500 I repaired the deck and the owner saved himself some money. By tackling a small problem now, he  prevented the problem from becoming much more expensive to fix in the future.

So don’t delay, call me today to fix your deck professionally and inexpensively. Call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 for all your deck repair, maintenance and inspection needs.