Job Profile-Repairs to Stairs Cheaper Than Replacement

A recent job we completed over the Christmas/New Years holiday was a simple repair of 3 cracked steps in Grover Beach on 14th St. The seven year old stairs have a metal lath/polymer modified concrete coating on them. These systems work well and hold up under abuse, but in this case, a poorly built stair framing job caused these to crack on the edges.

I was hired to perform the repairs, and for under $400 I opened three stairs, fixed the wood movement and patched the stairs back and resealed the steps and landing to look like new again with deck sealer.

Don’t over pay for simple repairs and maintenance-let me fix your waterproof decks and stairs for $500 or less.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 today for a quote on your deck repairs and maintenance. I can maintain and repair every system installed by our competitors, including DeckTech’s Granite Deck system (we have all the formula’s for color blends), California Coatings, Upper Level, Santa Barbara Surfacing and others.