Job Profile-Concrete Prep On A Garage Floor for DIY’er

2014-03-29 10.39.46

Epoxy flooring relies on a concrete surface that is prepared correctly for the coating to adhere properly. Many Do It Yourself’ers who install an epoxy floor often are disappointed soon after the floor is completed due to failures of the epoxy.

Our latest job was for a DIY’er in Nipomo who understood and appreciated the importance of proper floor prep. While he was willing to tackle the epoxy floor application, he knew the prep work was beyond his capabilities.  Rejecting the acid wash approach, a poor choice at best, our DIY’er called the concrete floor prep pro’s at Central Coast Waterproofing. We know and promote shotblasting and grinding as the most efficient method or preparing concrete floors for coatings. Every major manufacturer recommends shotblasting and grinding as thir preferred methods.

We ground the floor free of old carpet glue and captured the dust and debris in a dustless Blastrac vacuum and prepped the floor for the application of our DIY’ers epoxy coating. This job cost less than $500 and took approximately 4 hours of work. Yours may vary depending on conditions.

If you only need concrete prep before undertaking a flooring project, don’t be afraid to call us for a quote on concrete prep work that will help assure your job of being successful*. Call me, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380.

*Floor prep by grinding or shotblasting is only part of a successful floor job. Moisture remediation, crack repairs, ph level of concrete and much more must be considered before applying any coatings.