Job Profile-Energizer’s Rabbit Has Nothing On This Deck That’s Still Going! Maintaining an Original Forty Three Year Old Mer-Kote Weatherdeck System

Mer-Kote Products is one of the original manufacturer’s of decking systems meant to be walked upon. Their Weatherdeck system is a classic system, and dates back to 1971.

The expected average life of decking systems is about 25-30 years. Our latest project has defied the averages and proves that with regular maintenance and repairs, a pedestrian traffic coating system can last well past 25 years. But can a deck last 43 years?

Shirley K in Oxnard CA was referred to us by Mer-Kote after her long time Mer-Kote applicator retired. That was 8 years ago. In 8 years Shirley has had us perform repairs and maintenance to her 3 Mer-Kote covered decks 3 times. Shirley bought her property down on the water in Oxnard in 1971, the year Mer-Kote started and her home has an original coating system that has performed perfectly since then, with just regular maintenance. The Mer-Kote system is now 43 and looking better than ever. Aging Hollywood starlets are jealous!

Each time we’ve made some repairs to some stress cracks and then cleaned and painted the decks using Mer-Ko Seal after priming the deck with Mer-Ko Prep Seal. This years maintenance was no different.

Shirley knows the value of maintenance and appreciates that living in an ocean environment means more frequent maintenance is necessary to keep building components functioning. Mer-Kote’s superior decking systems can go the distance!

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