Watch For Our New Article in Journal of Light Construction!

I’m pleased to announce our soon to be published article will be coming out in the March issue of Journal of Light Construction, tentatively titled  “Scuppers & Drains For Waterproof Decks” . The new issue should be out around the 12th to 15th of March.

Drains and scuppers present unique challenges in integrating them into the deck waterproofing system, and so do the flashing metals we have to choose from. Galvanized, copper and stainless steel are all discussed and I describe how we work with these metals.

Here’s a little lead in from the article…watch for it in full in JLC!

Scuppers and Drains for Waterproof Decks

by Bill Leys

In my business installing waterproof decks, I often get calls to fix decks that are leaking or coming apart. A lot of times these are jobs are familiar – they are jobs we lost the bid on when it was first being built because we bid the job to use the best materials available and install those materials correctly. The worst dryrot damage we see usually occurs where drains and scuppers penetrate the deck.

That’s all I can give ya for now til the article hits the streets.