Job Profile-We Eliminated the Confusion Over Epoxy Floors For KunFusion

Chef and restaurateur Lori Nunes knows food and cooks what her customers like to eat.

In bringing together her new restaurant, KunFusion in Pismo Beach at 561 Five Cites Drive (to the left of California Fresh Market), she learned a lot about construction and codes for food service…and one thing she learned was that her bar area needed a seamless floor with a 4″ high cove around it for easy cleaning.

She contacted us to find out about seamless epoxy floors. We visited the job site and found that the restaurant was trying to open it’s doors and needed flooring fast.  The manufacturer of epoxy she wanted to use would have to ship his materials and that would delay the job. We determined that we could source product locally that would meet the code requirements.

We sourced Westcoat epoxy from a local distributor as Lori’s workers began to remove the cracked and damaged tile floor that was in place. When they finished removing the tile they discovered that there was a vinyl composition tile underneath that had to be removed too.

Once that was done we took a 7″ grinder and dustless vacuum to the floor to cut  through the glue. Then we took a 8″ Blastrac shotblaster to the floor and shotblasted the floor to a surface profile 4-5 for proper adhesion of the coating.

We applied Westcoat Liquid Granite epoxy to the floor after installing Speedcove cove base in a 4″ finish on the wall. Speedcove  meets health department regulations.

The floor was finished last Thursday and Friday the doors were opened at KunFusion.  Go done and enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine while admiring the bar floor andsee how easy it is to clean and how nice it looks….

Need epoxy flooring for your next project? Call the experts at clearing out the “Kunfusion” over seamless flooring.

Call me today, Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 for an appointment!

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