Job Profile-View Deck of Actress’ Ocean Front Home in Ventura Gets Pampered With Desert Crete

Imagine if TMZ focused on the dry-rot and waterproofing failures that movie and music stars homes suffer from…headlines like “Actor’s Home in Dry-Rot Hell” and “Tile Deck Failure Sends Star’s Home to Rehab” would be splashed on the website. Instead they focus on the drab boring lives of the stars and they rake in millions doing so.

And so TMZ has abdicated their job of reporting on the tawdry details of the dry-rot and bad waterproofing details  lurking in stars homes and decks to us…

Our  latest project was done with a local Ojai/Ventura contractor, JM Johnston Construction, who services many ocean front properties in the area. This home we worked on is in Ventura on the coast in a private gated enclave off Seacliff Drive.

The owner had a waterproof deck that was tiled over. The tile installer put tile on a deck that blocked up weep screed on the stucco, causing water damage in the wall cavity. The tile also blocked critical edge drain areasat a glass railing area, forcing water into the wood deck below. After repairs were done   by JM Johnston Construction, we were retained to waterproof the deck.

Johhny Johnston has used us before and is quite familiar with our Desert Crete system. He knows the value of using the best products installed by the best contractors will far exceed the risk and liability of costs of damage from inferior products installed by questionable companies. Johnny can’t  afford to risk his name and reputation on properties like this one with a high profile owner who demands the best.

We installed stainless steel flashings and door pans around the edges of the deck. Stainless is about the only metal that will survive being right on the ocean. This home is so close to the ocean that on windy days and rough seas crashing in, sea spray will hit the home and deck!

Our Desert Crete decking system is a perfect foil to the weather that will be thrown at this deck; Desert Crete is a rugged and tough system that isolates the metal lath from water contact via a fiberglass layer. With jobs like this we also reduce the risk of water contact by using Panzer mesh over the stainless flashings instead of metal lath.  Panzer mesh acts as lath for the concrete to adhere to but being synthetic, won’t rust in the unlikely event of water intrusion.

This Desert Crete system was finished simply yet elegantly with a knockdown trowel finish and we used Life Paint’s 10 series concrete sealer to give the owner a custom color over our standard color offerings.

With the deck all done, now new railings will go in and this home will be back and ready for entertaining at the water’s edge. Find out why your next deck job should be done by the “Waterproofer to the Stars” – Central Coast  Waterproofing.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free consultation  on your next project and get the benefit of expertise and experience.


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