Our Latest Job-Ocean Facing Deck on Rincon Beach Park Dr Replaces Failed Tile/Urethane System With Desert Crete Flooring

Our latest project we recently started is on Rincon Beach Park Drive, a gated community off the 101 along the Ventura coast.

This project is for JM Johnston Construction of Ojai. They are known for their skill with seaside homes and have a resume of many impressive homes on the Ventura coast. This home is no exception.

Johnny Johnston knows a lot of deck waterproofing contractors; indeed many vie for his business. We’ve done a few decks for JM Johnston and now with an expensive home with a client who has high expectations that her deck will be fixed properly, Johnny couldn’t risk taking chances.

He called, we came and looked at it, made a proposal to install Desert Crete and a faux finish on top and now we are here. We’ll install stainless steel flashings, primed and prepared. Then we will install our favorite deck coating- Desert Crete exterior flooring to the plywood deck.

JM Johnston Construction knows working on decks is risky, but he knows that his risk is greatly reduced with experts at the craft on his job. Reduce your risk with Desert Crete on your decks installed by Central Coast Waterproofing.



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