Job Profile-Maintaining Mer-Kote Decks and Stairs for Chapel Lane HOA in Ventura

Central Coast Waterproofing just completed the repairs and repainting of 8 decks and 8 stair cases to a Community Association in Ventura. The attached units have Mer-Kote decking on them, which requires maintenance approximately every 3-5 years to them.

These decks had gone a bit past their due date to reseal them when we were contacted by EKAM, Inc. a Community Association management firm that managed the community. We inspected the decks and stairs and listened to the issues presented by the Board-stairs could be slippery in times of  rain and morning dew and the decks had some issues with cracks.  We found that the material on the decks and stairs is the Mer-Kote Weatherdeck system.  We submitted a bid and learned that we were awarded the contract.

We cleaned and repaired the decks, some had some cracks, others nail pops and some had damage from abuse. The stairs were textured and painted to provide a slip resistant flooring.

As promised the whole project was completed in 7 work days-eight decks and eight stairs. The crew worked hard to finish the work, staying on the last day until nearly 8 pm to finish the last staircase off.

The community is happy because they have completed a task that iisn’t always fun but maintenance is a necessity to keep their decks and stair coatings from needing replacement.

Maintain your Mer-Kote brand decks and stairs with Central Coast Waterproofing, an authorized applicator of              Mer-Kote pedestrian traffic coating systems.

Call me, Bill Leys, for a free estimate on your next Mer-Kote deck project at 805-545-8300.

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