Job Profile-Desert Crete Waterproofs a Pedestrian Bridge

Our latest project that we just wrapped up on was an unusual deck…err bridge deck.

The pedestrian bridge serves an apartment community in Cupertino, allowing residents to safely traverse over a driveway below, rather than have to navigate the cars coming through.

This saga began over a year ago, with the first inspection finding a split slip sheet system leaking and worn out. My first thought was to have the contractor remove the slip sheet, repair some plywood and then waterproof it again. The contractor agreed with that assessment, gave the client some pricing and started the job after agreeing on the terms.

Within a day’s time it became very apparent that our rosy optimistic thoughts would be dashed upon the rocks…the tear off exposed massive dry-rot in the framing of the structure and a little later on, they found the massive curved beams had a bad case of dry-rot too.

Fast forward through shock, denial, anger and finally acceptance and over Hundred Fifty grand in engineering, architects, planning, rebuilding costs and they got themselves a bridge back.

Then the only question was waterproofing it right so that massive dry-rot and costs won’t be borne again. That solution was the Desert Crete pedestrian traffic coating system. Rugged, durable, ICC-ES evaluated as a Class A and One Hour rated system, it stands ready for the challenge of hundreds of foot trips over the bridge daily.

Our client knows the value of paying a little more to get a better job. They trust us and Desert Crete for their can’t fail jobs. You can too.

Let me show you why Desert Crete will protect and waterproof your bridge, your roof deck, walkways and any other plywood covered structure better than it’s competitors.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a fast free estimate on your next job.

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