This remodeled home on Ricardo Street on the Mesa in Santa Barbara sure is lucky.

It has Desert Crete protecting the exterior floor off the master bedroom that overlooks the ocean from atop the hill.  With a Desert Crete exterior flooring system, the new owners (it’s for sale as of 7/6/13) will have a California Building Code compliant deck, that is Class A fire retardant and listed as a pedestrian traffc coating system by ICC-ES. It will last for a long time with minimal maintenance and provide a lower cost of ownership for it’s estimated life span of 30+ years.  It will handle the rigors of modern living with plants and table and chairs on it without fear of damage.  Desert Crete is a tough long lasting flooring system…

I would love to show you why you want Desert Crete on your exterior decks…there are so many reasons.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free evaluation and discussion on your next deck project.

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