Job Profiles-Westcoat Liquid Granite Epoxies Fixes Up Garage Floors

“Nice looking job, thanks for using Westcoat.  Thanks for sharing the success.

Paul Koury

Our latest jobs just wrapped up this past Sunday, when we finished applying a protective polyurethane top coat to our two garage floor projects. One client had just moved in to their newly purchased home in Blacklake and wanted a floor installed as soon as possible. Our second client had decided to clean up her garage and the floor she had was a mess, so…we landed two epoxy floor jobs that were very similar in size and scope of work.

On both of these floors the owners selected Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems Epoxy Coat Liquid Granite systems with a flake finish. Both floors had a sealer of some sort on the floors and that needed to come off, along with oil stains. We shotblasted the floors with our Blastrac shotblaster, following best practices and the advice of the manufacturer who says shotblasting is the preferred method for preparing concrete floors for coatings.

The floors were primed with Westcoat EC-14 epoxy, then a coat of EC-95 100% solids epoxy was applied with a full flake finish broadcast over until rejection. After curing, the excess flake is blown off and a coat of chemical resistant urethane was applied.

Both owners are thrilled with their new floors, installed on time and on budget. When your garage floor is getting you down, let us show you our flooring systems that will bring it back to life, from flake systems to metallic epoxies  and everything in between.

Call us, the garage floor experts, at 805-545-8300. You’ll have the ultimate garage floor for whatever you drive.

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