Santa Barbara Smokehouse’s New Salmon Smoker Gets Specialized MMA Epoxy Flooring

Central Coast Waterproofing recently completed installing a specialized MMA epoxy floor for  the Santa Barbara Smokehouse in a new salmon smoker that is being installed.

When we were approached by the client for a quote on flooring, they spoke about a competitor who had bid the floor and they were interested to see what we offered. In our first meeting with the client we inspected the job site and discussed the conditions, expectations and requirements they had for a floor.

It became apparent quickly that ordinary “garage epoxy grade” flooring just wasn’t going to cut it. The clients needed a floor that could be washed with hot water for disinfecting, could handle hot temperatures of 250-300 degrees and handle the cold from the chiller right in the same area. Temperatures of the flooring was expected to be as low as 30 degrees and as high as 300 degrees.

Thermal cycling as it’s known is not for the weak. This flooring job required a high end floor that would last for years and handle all the requirements of a food processing facility.

Enter Dur-A-Flex flooring. Our Concrete Floor Store  represents Dur-A-Flex flooring systems which are a leader in industrial floor solutions. Their MMA epoxy Cryl-a-Floor system fit the bill for the Smokehouse perfectly. We presented the information and specifications to the client and they quickly realized that the epoxy floor bid   received from a competitor wasn’t going to work in the facility as they expected.

Dur-a-Flex was selected to be the flooring system installed and  Central Coast Waterproofing, performed the install. The floor in the smoker was brand new and had to meet and join into an existing floor. We first shot-blasted the new floor and then used Rapid-Set Concrete and Mortar mix to tie the old and new floors together.

Once the floor was prepped for receiving epoxy, the first step was to install a prime coat of MMA  primer, then allowing a one hour cure time, 2 coats of base coat was applied with silca sand broadcast in to provide anti-slip properties. Tile Red MMA sealer was used to color coat the flooring and it nearly matched the  existing floors color.

When your next flooring project has demands that ordinary epoxy can’t handle, call the concrete floor experts at The Concrete Floor Store at 805-545-8300. We will help you develop a plan and a system that will provide you with what you need.

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