From Kryton-How NOT to Waterproof Concrete

Concrete block wall with leaks
Concrete block wall with leaks


From our friends at Kryton comes this article by Sarah Rippin.

How NOT to Waterproof Concrete

28th May 2013 Concrete Best Practices by Sarah Rippin

Concrete structures have been using concrete waterproofing since the first structural leak was discovered. Since then, the industry has been quickly evolving, and improving best practices with new technologies coming to light on a regular basis.

As there are many ways to waterproof a structure, depending on the unique situation, there are just a few basic guidelines of how NOT to waterproof that can apply to any concrete waterproofing situation.

1)     Inadequate research

Waterproofing concrete has been an evolving industry, and many techniques have been vastly improved upon compared to years past. Using the same practices over and over, without exploring newer technologies, may be doing a disservice to the integrity of your project.

Best Practice: Using the best product for the structures use, as it is meant to be used.

2)     Letting cost be the final deciding factor in which product is used

Sometimes the cheapest option actually ends up being more costly as the application may be difficult or time-consuming.

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We agree, letting cost be your guide in selecting a product will probably end up costing you more later than what it would cost to do it right to begin with. Unfortunately, some will cut costs on waterproofing to spend more on pretty things that either get damaged or gets ripped out when the building begins to leak.


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