Central Coast Waterproofing Featured in Author Barry Moltz’ “6 Acts of Extreme Customer Service” Article

We caught the ear of business consultant, author and speaker Barry Moltz with our example of going above and beyond for a client.

How can we can we go above and beyond for you? 

From AMEX Open Forum

“Most companies say they will do anything to satisfy a customer–but don’t really mean it. These six companies meant it, and won customers for life.”

MAY 01, 2013

Barry Moltz

Most small-business owners say that they will do anything to satisfy a customer. What most don’t say is that “anything” has its limitations. Here are a few examples of companies that truly went above and beyond to keep their customers.

The Unexpected Overnight

Bill Leys, the Deck Expert, was tearing off an old deck and installing a new one on top of a house in Hermosa Beach, California. He had the old deck off, but had not yet waterproofed the area when strong storms were forecast. Leys tarped the house as a precaution, then drove four hours home. He received a call from the owner… READ THE REST AT AMEX Open Forum here https://www.openforum.com/articles/practicing-acts-of-extreme-customers-service/

Let us know how we can help you with the best in deck coatings and service.

Call me, Bill Leys, for a fast free estimate at 805-545-8300.

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