Job Profile-Competitors Failed Deck Coating Replaced After Only 3 Years in Arroyo Grande

“I wish I had known about your system three years ago.” was the lament from our latest client.

The Arroyo Grande homeowners were bitterly disappointed in their failed Deck Tech Granite Deck system. Three years ago they had bought what they were promised was a coating “unlike any other” that eliminated metal lath decks, and would give them a deck coating that “replaces the outdated deck coatings that all lead to deck failures.

Rule #1-If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Rule #2-Trust, but verify.

Granite Deck doesn’t have an ICC-ES Report behind it, that would prove what they say is true

by a unbiased secondary source, ie: ICC-ES or Underwriters Laboratory.

Rule #3-When it Comes to Waterproofing, Stay with the Tried and True. Let someone else be the experiment.

Our clients had  paid Deck Tech to come and reseal the deck after only 2 years had gone by since they bought the system. They had complained about ponding water issues, peeling material and were generally dissatisfied.

With the deck peeling again in various places, they contacted Gary Smith of C.T.M. Construction in Arroyo Grande. Gary contacted us after reading our website and deciding that we were someone he wanted to talk to.

After interviewing us Gary selected our bid for our Desert Crete flooring system for exterior decks. With an ICC-ES report behind it, a Class A fire retardant rating and it’s being recognized as a bona-fide pedestrian traffic coating and roof system, Desert Crete was clearly a superior product to the Granite Deck system it would replace.

C.T.M. Construction removed all the old plywood and OSB that was on the deck and opened all the stucco at the walls. They sheeted the deck with new 3/4″ plywood blocked at all seams.

Once the deck was ready, our team of experts assembled the Desert Crete decking system with new flashings, door pans, and Desert Crete with a knockdown texture and Desert Brand sealer in Buckskin.

Don’t waste your hard earned money, choose to spend it wisely. Does Desert Crete cost a little more than competing brands? Yes. Is that cost differential worth risking the interior contents of the home, plus the time, headaches and the re-construction? That question you have to answer.

Call me when you are ready to step up to a superior waterproofing system-Desert Crete, from the exclusive Desert Crete installer in San Luis Obispo County. Because your property is worth it.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300 for a free consultation. Do it once, not again.

Watch our YouTube video on the Desert Crete installation process

Read our article in Journal of Light Construction on the Desert Crete installation process.

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