Job Profiles-Los Osos Homes With Dry-Rotted Decks Return From the Dead

Two jobs or ours recently wrapped up over in Los Osos/Baywood.

Our first job on S Court Street, with Simons Construction, began innocently enough…the client had a “little leak” that started after a deck had been “fixed” three years earlier. Our inspection found some other areas of concern as well, lack of proper drainage being the biggest, followed by concern over the method a privacy wall had been constructed.

As construction continued, the damage revealed was far worse than believed. A deck had been built over the old deck, leaving mold and dry-rot fungus spores to wait and bide their time for a new chance at life. Sure enough, when the new deck leaked, it began a chain reaction. When all was done and said, Simons Construction had to rebuild the deck, rebuild two walls and rebuild the bedroom below.

We installed Desert Crete decking over the new plywood deck and framing, including inside the hot water closet located off the deck. Simons Construction is very impressed with our system and recognized that it’s a superior assembly over other competitors deck  waterproofing assemblies.

Our second Los Osos deck waterproofing job was located over on Hollister Ave.

Once again, dry-rot played a major role in redefining this job. Pete Watson Carpentry Service called us up. We’ve worked togther before with Pete, so he knew he had the right company on his job.

The same complaint, a small leak…the inspection discovers a rafter tail coming out of stucco below is rotted. We suggest that some exploratory surgery is in order. Pete performed the surgery to find near terminal dry-rot. A spiral stair case leading to the roof deck was rotted out. The deck had rot. The framing of the deck had rot. Ok, I think you get it…it was rotted all to hell…

Fast forward, after major surgery to replace the damaged materials, Desert Crete was used to waterproof the roof deck.

Pete’s clients Jenny and her husband love their new deck (they do their star gazing from the roof deck). They know that they have a long lasting tough decking system that will outlast Desert Crete’s  competitors inferior coatings.

When your deck is showing signs of leaks and problems, don’t wait. Time is your enemy. As summer heats up so does the interior cavity walls  of the building. That heat is making a tasty environment for those wood destroying pests-moist wood = easy chewing.

Call me, Bill Leys at 805-545-8300  for a fast free estimate to install a fire retardant ICC-ES approved Desert Crete deck on your home, condo  or apartment building.

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