Print Me Out and Dare to Compare-Desert Crete vs. Granite Deck

Desert Crete vs Granite Deck

Do you read Deck Tech’s blog at all?

It’s rather amusing-they don’t spend any time telling you about successful jobs on their blog, or discuss the benefits of Granite Deck. They spend all their ink on attacking us over our C-61 D-12 license…and how Desert Crete will fail or that we are not deck experts. But is there any proof behind their claims?

Lets see. So, first, CSLB issues licenses to deck coating contractors under the D-12 classification. Heck, even the owner of Nevada Coating System’s Granite Deck, David Krubinski, holds a D-12 license. So, lets blow that candle out…yes we have a specialty license for specialty work.

What they can’t talk about or attack are the facts.   Facts that are verifiable and backed by independent research.

Ask yourself a few questions…

Does my deck need to be fire retardant? (Hint, yes- btw, Desert Crete is)

Does my deck need to be code complaint? (Hint, yes- btw, Desert Crete is)

Do I want a system that needs continual maintenance at significant additional expense every 2-3 years. (Hint, no)

Do I want a system that has been made by a manufacturer in business since 1923 or only since 2002? (Hint, think financial stability & longevity-who is more likely to be around 10 years from now?).

DESERT CRETE from Central Coast Waterproofing beats Granite Deck from Deck Tech hands down when you compare them against each other.

Deck Tech claims  on their blog that “Nevada Coatings Systems has been tested by Underwrited Laboratory and achieved a Class A Fire Rating. Contact Nevada Coatings or Deck Tech for technical data relative to Fire Ratings.  It meets all building requirements and codes. 

However, only Desert Crete has an ICC-ES report behind it, verifying that it is Class A fire retardant as a roof coating and is a genuine roof and pedestrian traffic coating that has been tested and evaluated by independent sources. Search for yourself at ICC-ES for a Nevada Coatings report…we couldn’t find one.

Why doesn’t Granite Deck have an ICC report that verifies what Deck Tech is claiming to be true? Why do you need to CONTACT Deck Tech or Nevada Coatings to get a copy of their “proof”. Why wouldn’t they just publish it if in fact they have a report? These reports are big selling points-and separate the wheat from the chafe.  I sell wheat, not chafe disguised as wheat.

We make it easy to verify our claims…they don’t.  Just click on the link to read the Desert Crete ICC report .

Bottom line-when it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Unless you can verify their claims independently, it’s probably not true.

Before you buy, educate yourself about deck waterproofing; use our website at to find out all about the various deck waterproofing systems available.

When you need a bonafide fire retardant decking system and not a wanna be, get Desert Crete.

Call me, Bill Leys, direct at 805-545-8300 today and lets dare to compare. Get the answers you need to know up front before you buy, not after.

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