Job Profile-Grover Beach Mixed Use Commercial/Residential Deck Renovation

Our latest job finished up earlier this week in Grover Beach. Property manager/building owner Mark London’s building on N 8th Street has a walking deck that needed some attention. There were complaints of ponding water and a crack in the deck.

Our inspection found a metal lath concrete based deck with a urethane waterproofing membrane over it. A plywood seam had moved and split the coating, allowing some water intrusion to begin. The drains just needed cleaning of debris and the water pooling on the deck flowed right off.

We opened the split coating and discovered that the plywood had some dryrot in it. We replaced a 3’x3′ section and installed lath and cement over that to tie in with the existing system.

Our crew then applied Desert Flex  decking to the 200+ square feet of deck. Great for restoring walkways, balconies, and roof decks that have existing deck systems that need repairs. Desert Flex is easy to apply, and dries fast so there is minimal loss of access for your customers / tenants.

Mark loves the job and says “The job looks good and I am happy.”

Let Central Coast Waterproofing renovate your deck professionally with the Desert Brand family of decking systems-Desert Crete, Desert Flex or EZ Deck. We are the exclusive Desert Brand applicator in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County.

Let me show you why you want Desert Brand coatings on your decks-the difference is clear.

Call me, Bill Leys, for a fast free estimate on your project-805-545-8300

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