Concrete Floor Store’s Exterior Concrete Flooring Costs Half As Much to Own Than Pebble Stone Flooring Does


In the quest to purchase flooring, one who is in the market should be looking at the cost to buy today, and the cost to own tomorrow.  Virtually everything we buy needs maintenance. Cars need mechanics, clothes need washing machines to clean them, floors, whether they be carpet, wood or tile, cost money to maintain too.

That’s why the Concrete Floor Store’s selection of flooring is a great value. Our stamped/stained flooring has a life span of 20+ years and a minimal amount of maintenance is required to care for it.

On exterior floors-patios, pool decks, sidewalks etc, we often run into clients who are considering several floor alternative’s. One such alternative is “pebble stone” floors. Pebble stone flooring is a floor system where small pebbles of various colors are mixed together for a nice effect and mixed with epoxy and rolled out over the concrete surface.

What starts out looking great rapidly becomes a maintenance nightmare. If the pebbles aren’t resealed every year, the UV from the sun degrades the epoxy, causing it to yellow. Eventually it breaks down and the pebbles come out, appearing all over the lawn, in the pool and on the floors of your home when they get caught in a sole of a shoe.

Straight from Pebble Floors website comes this tidbit-“A premium flooring requiring minimal maintenance. To ensure that your Pebble Floors retain their appearance, we recommend resealing every 5 years for indoor applications, and every year for outdoor applications. ” 

So that leads to the cost of ownership discussion. Using total cost of ownership is the only way to buy a floor.

Lets say you buy that pebble stone patio. It costs you $3,000 to buy today. How much does is it cost to reseal every year? Lets say $600.00. Every year. For lets say 20 years for anticipated life span. That’s $12,000 to maintain it and $3,000 to buy it. Total cost of ownership is $15,000.

Now instead you buy our concrete stamped patio finish. It costs you $5,000 to buy it today. However, you only need to reseal it every 3 years. Cost $600 per reseal. Over a 2o year anticipated life span, that’s 6 reseals. That comes out to $3,600, plus the cost to buy at $5,000 means your cost of ownership is about HALF what pebble floors will cost you.


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